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Scars and Sorrow Saga

Scars and Sorrow Saga

Mary E. Palmerin

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Scars and Sorrow Saga
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Broken: Book 1

Synopsis Lyla Harper’s life has always been shadowed. With her childhood full of unpleasant memories that she tries to tuck away and forget about, she succeeds at putting on a happy front and convincing those around her that she is happy. But she isn’t. Meet Lyla Elizabeth Harper, a teen whose journey is less than ideal. She experiences heartache, loss, bullying, but through it all she strives for hope. She counts down the days until she has the chance to start over in a new city, unaware of her past. A city far away from the recollections that have scarred her physically and mentally. In this first book of the Scars and Sorrow Saga, you will be faced with the ghastly and horrendous events that plague Lyla, starting on the day of her eighteenth birthday, a day that changed her forever. Lyla thought she was broken before, but she was wrong. Davis Moore, a 22-year-old handsome cop and also Rigdon’s gold boy, steals something from Lyla on that fateful night on Brownsmith Road. Others will challenge her will and strength, testing her and pushing her to the brink of giving up. Will Lyla be able to trudge through the deep rut that she is stuck in to move to Chicago to start her life over? Or will the evil events consume her and leave her grounded, unable to lead a life free of pain? **Graphic content, including underage drinking, drug use, non-consensual sex, and self-mutilation. Not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.**

Broken 02  

I was given book for honest review. Lyla just pretends to be happy. By reading you get a sense of why Lyla has to pretend and what she goes through that makes her life so difficult and unbearable. Short raw and undeniably saddening.

Succumbing: Book 2

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Synopsis Lyla Harper is sure she will be alone for the rest of her life. After she leaves Kansas for college in Chicago, she hopes she will never have to face her dark secrets again. Four years later, Lyla lands an internship at a prestigious firm, hoping to plant her roots and close the door to her past forever. Unfortunately, Lyla is about to learn that the past has a way of finding her, no matter how well she hides. After she is assigned to a marketing millionaire and notorious jerk, Lyla attempts to overcome her pessimistic view of the world and move on with her life. But after she lays eyes on her drop-dead gorgeous neighbor, Everett Brown, her secrets begin to resurface, prompting her to regress into her ol coping ways. Led by curiosity and an undeniable attraction, Lyla pursues a passionate relationship with Everett and slowly begins to feel like a woman again. Now all she has to do is decide whether to tell him the truth. In this contemporary erotic romance, only time will tell if a young woman’s new lover will be able to save her from herself as her past emerges from the darkness to confront her ones and for all. *Graphic content including underage drinking, drug use, self-mutilation, and non-consensual sex. Not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.**

Succumbing 01

I was given book for honest review. Lyla has moved on from her past but it doesn’t go far. A love interest just might be the one thing to pull her forward but can she reveal her full self to him. This book gives the message that you are stronger then you believe yourself to be.  

Shadows: Book 3

Shadows EBOOK Synopsis Everett Brown has secrets. Secrets that Lyla has been waiting for him to tell her for months. He has successfully evaded them, but Lyla is becoming impatient. With the vicious attack of his beloved still fresh in his mind along with the painful loss he feels, his emotions play a battle against one another, testing his strength and ability to hold himself together. Will the secrets that he keeps jeopardize his relationship to the woman who has his heart? Or will he learn to cope with memories that resurface with a vengeance and move on to the next phase of his life… marriage? With Michael Thomas and Davis Moore still free, justice has yet to be served. In this whirlwind contemporary erotic romance novel, this young couple’s relationship will be tried with numerous wicked curveballs and twists that even they aren’t prepared for. **Graphic content including underage drinking, drug use, non-consensual sex, and self-mutilation. Not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.**

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  Shadows 01

I was given book for honest review. In this third book of the series we learn more of Lyla’s love interest Everett. Trust and communication is a big part of any relationship can Everett tell Lyla more of his past and secrets. The Scars and Sorrows series keeps progressing in more enjoyable reads as the series comes together.

Armored, Book 4

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Synopsis Dive into the life of another character in the tragic and heart-wrenching Scars and Sorrow Saga. Garrett Joseph Harper was not the man he once was. His life was altered years when his best friend and fellow Marine, Trent, was killed before him while serving in Afghanistan. Circumstances went from bad to worse when his baby sister, Lyla, was the victim of a grisly attack that nearly took her life. When Lyla finally seems like she in on the bridge to recovering from the life that she once had with the help of her soon-to-be-husband, Everett, Garrett is sinking deeper into an abyss of darkness. With the memories of all the gruesomeness that has plagues him, he goes about life on autopilot spending his small town life working at the coal mines and drinking his paychecks away at Rigdon’s holy place for gossip and trouble, King’s Bar. Garrett’s flame of life is lit once more by Brooklyn Lancaster, a woman who has had eyes for him as long as she has known what love was. Will the connection Brooklyn has to Garrett’s past prevent them from moving forward? Or will something more serious and permanent tear the two new lovers apart when both feel a sense of normalcy for the first time in years? In Garrett’s story, you will have insight into his pain, past, sorrow, and his ability to hold onto hope. Be prepared for many twists and turns. You know what they say… nothing is ever what it seems. **Graphic content. Not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.**

Armored 01
I was given book for honest review. Short story of how Lyla’s brother, Garrett, handles his and his sisters hurdles. Suffering from PTSD from his military career and the mess his sister has just gone through he’s drowning. Hope comes unexpectedly when Brooklyn appears. And it leaves you wanting more.

Trials: Book 5

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Synopsis Run. That’s what Lyla Harper does best. With Rigdon, Kansas hundreds of miles away, she focuses on planting her roots and immersing herself in college life at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. As Lyla tries to play the role of hardworking student by day and barista at night at York Company Coffee House, the monotonous routine is wearing thin. She thinks back to home, the milestones she’s missed and the family that she doesn’t have near. She’s lonely with the exception of the incubi that will never vacate. With her emotions colliding, she’s once again faced with her vilest adversary; regression. After all, a person can only pretend to be happy for so long. Davis Moore and the horrid events plague her mind as one text message tests her will to remain strong. One afternoon in her public speaking lecture, circumstances change for Lyla when Professor Blaine Miller’s eyes meet hers. For the first time, she feels passion, lust and want. Will Blaine change her outlook on life or leave her empty, feeling like the girl she was years before? Read this emotional tale about self-discovery, overcoming, growth, redemption, relapse, desire, and hope. **Graphic content including self-mutilation, non-consensual sex, underage drinking, drug use, and physical/emotional abuse. Not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.**

Trials 01
I was given book for honest review. Lyla’s college years exposed. Her thoughts, feelings, doings. More raw and emotional reads from Mary E Palmerin sheds further light inside Lyla’s mind. Again could wish longer or even more Garrett the books aren’t coming fast enough.

About the Author

Mary Bio Pix Mary E. Palmerin is 27 years old and resides in Indiana. She is married, has two small boys and usually has her nose in a good book when she isn't writing. She has been writing since she was a young girl, scribbling fairy tales down on notebook paper, creating poetry through her teen years, and many shorts in between, all of which she has kept. Mary enjoys telling tales that are both raw and real, seeing it as a gift to be able to evoke various emotions from her readers. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, anything outdoors, relaxing by the pool with a good piece of literature, red wine, coffee, tattoos, and HEA!

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