Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Black Calla Lily Reveal


Millie has come a long way from her life in New York City as a former Detective in the elite TARU unit of the NYPD. She has a life she could never have imagined, married to the handsome and successful Adrian Zaragosa and a growing family. A beautiful winery is the backdrop to their idyllic life at their Luna Llena estate.

Millie and Adrian are the perfect couple living the perfect life. That is until Millie's troubles from NY - a Colombian drug cartel and a shady lawyer - follow her to Luna Llena, threatening her husband and children. She has something they want and the clock is ticking as their patience wears thin. However, before she concedes, she wants answers to the senseless murder of her ex-partner and lover, Danny. It is only a matter of time before Millie is forced to confront them. 

Their lives are further complicated when Adrian's best friend, Juan Carlos, is threatened by ruthless business rivals, leaving Adrian to be faced with business decisions that could endanger him, his family and friends. 

A love interest from Adrian's past drives a wedge between him and Millie and outsiders try to lure them into situations that can compromise their relationship, testing their love and loyalty for each other. Will their marriage survive? Can Adrian forgive Millie for interfering in his business and can Millie get past Adrian's behavior?

The Black Calla Lily comes to a stunning climax as Millie leaves her family behind and races to tie up loose ends with the drug lords for the final show down where she may have to pay the ultimate price: her life.

About this author

Isabel Pietri was born and raised in New York City. She is a retired Labor Union President and author residing now in N. E. Pennsylvania with her husband,retired forensic investigator, Juan, Sheba the wonder dog, and two kitties, Shadow and Missy.

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