The Storm And The Darkness

by Sarah M Cradit


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Author given book.
First let me thank Sarah M. Cradit for giving me the chance to read this series. I liked the fact that even though it is book 2 you don't have to have read book 1 (though I'm off to get it now) to know and understand the characters. I found the names of the characters to be really unusual and still don't know if I pronounced them right (lol-made me wish I could actually ask them). They draw you into their lives and problems. My favorite character is Nicolas cousin to Anasofiya he's an admitted self-absorbed "loud, foul-mouthed, and obnoxious" individual. When Ana disappears for several days with no contact he goes to the rescue and saves the day. The book has self growth, mystery, and adventure.


by Laurell K Hamilton


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Death, adventure, and action. We get to meet Micah's family, see and read about possible returns of other characters from previous books. Anita goes through more moments of self discovery and gains more powers that get tested to limits she never dreamed of. Wins the Day/Night. Love this series and Laurell K Hamilton. Can't wait for more.


Special Offers

by M.L. Ryan

Special Offers-Coursodon Dimension 

Awarded book by author.

This book is about a pretty average woman (Hailey) working in an unaverage employment field who buys an eReader off the internet with several unexpected consequences. The idea of electronic/ghost possessions is not new to me as I've seen/read others with similar themes but Ryan takes the concept in a slightly new direction.

Hailey goes on an adventure without really knowing where she's going or when she'll be back home. All she knows is that it'll help out Alex (guy she wants to be with) and Sebastian (guy she's stuck with literally-consequence #1). Both are from the Coursodon Dimension and have powers that we normal humans only wish to. Gets rid of Sebastian but Alex must return to his dimension home and has to leave her behind. When he comes to claim her he is brought to notice consequence #2 (cliff hang ends).

Enjoyed the book very much and looking forward to reading book 2 "Special Rewards".

Gave it 4 stars due to the cliff hanging ending of which I'm not a fan.





by Julia Crane



Am gonna definitely have to read the rest of the series as this beginning book leaves you wondering what happens next.

It's a twist on the war between light and dark elves with some other paranormal species thrown in for good measure. Main character is typical modern teenage girl only she's an elf. Mostly all she wants to do is hang with friends, shop, and meet her destined mate (one true love). But she feels that she has to keep the elf part secret and can't bring up that there's a war coming and she may die. Her family help her train and refine her gifts (powers) so she can be ready for what comes. She finds out that she didn't have to keep secret cause her friends are not regular human either. End of the book has her dying and brought back to life with a truce called to end the war.

Sounds good right but here's the hang: she doesn't remember anything of meeting or spending time with her mate and all she thinks of is another boy friend.

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