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Into the Dark

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Title: Into the Dark (Into the, #2)
Author: T.A. McKay
Release Date: September 25, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Don’t hate the player … hate the game.

Have fun. Never settle.

Those are the very words that Mason McIntyre has lived by for most of his adult life.
The single life is the one he craves. The one that suits him.
A different girl in his bed each weekend, with no ties. It’s the only way to be.
But, what will happen when he finally meets a girl who dares to say no?
What will happen when the challenge of that one unobtainable girl becomes something else?
What will happen when the player finally gets played?

Niamh Knight doesn’t like players, especially ones who have slept with most of her friends. A pretty face doesn’t impress her, but when that pretty face becomes connected to a man who won’t give up his fight for her, how long will she be able to keep her guard up?
She tries to stay away, tries not to fall for his charm. But, will the player finally win his prize?

Both are faced with a challenge. One like they’ve never faced before.
Can the player finally settle down with only one girl? And, can that girl trust the player?
They know one thing for certain. It’s like the blind leading the blind … Into The Dark.

  Into series
Into the Deep (Into the, #1)
Into the Dark (Into the, #2)
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I was given book for honest review. Mason the player falls hard and fast for nurse Nimah. The back and forth between them at times reminded me of tug-a-war. But when the feelings were realized they were fast acted upon. Loved how you got a glimpse continuation of Rocco and Makenzie as well. And am hoping Noah or Ben get their chance at love in future books in the series.

”Ok, so I can't actually name one, you already know this. But do you want me to tell you this or not?” I need to change the subject away from my lack of sex life...or life in general. Talia sits quietly with her hands around her mug, obviously giving me permission to carry on.
“Fine. There is this guy, but he drives me so freaking insane it’s painful. He’s big headed and annoys me to the point of distraction, but god, Talia, he is gorgeous.” I don't know what else to tell her. I can't mention his name, I don't know if she will remember him at all but I can't risk it.
“Do I know him?” Argh, she needs to not ask me things like that. It’s one thing not to offer the information, it’s a completely different thing to lie about it.
“I’m not sure, but I don’t know his name. He works at a garage I took my bike too. He is like those guys I read about in my books, he’s perfect. Just looking at him has my skin tingling, he is built to perfection with a rock hard body and eyes to die for. His eyes are the brightest blue I have ever seen.” I realise my mistake too late. I have told her too much about him and she might know who I'm talking about. Shit, please don't figure out who I’m on about. I keep talking trying to get her focus away from the description I have just given.
“But as soon as he opens his mouth I just want to punch him in his perfect face. Seriously the guy has no humility at all. He seems to think he is god's gift to all women.” Talia laughs as I ramble on at her.
“Honey, you have just described every man on Earth. They all think they are something they aren't. It’s true what they say, all the best men are fictional.” 

About the Author
T.A. McKay author pic
Im a contemporary romance author who is about to release my second book in the Into The series, called Into The Dark.

I live in Scotland with my husband and three amazing children. I live in a very small village in the country so writing makes it easier to have friends, even if they are in my head.
I have always been a huge reader but it wasn't until 2013 that I was...lets say write my first book. I published on my birthday in 2014 and have been on a crazy roller coaster ever since.
My favourite things to read about are tattooed alphas...and if they have a dirty mouth its all the better!
I have met so many awesome people on this journey and I never imaged talking to some of my favourite authors, never mind calling some of them my friend.
If you ever go to a signing and there is a Scottish redhead fangirling in the corner....well thats probably me!
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