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Hungry Heart Release

Violet Haze's new release, Hungry Heart is Live!! This is volume #1 of her new serial series.

Hungry Heart Part One

Violet Haze

My name is Caroline Lowther. I’m in a relationship with Nathan MacMillan. We’ve been together almost four years. We share a home and a bed.
Nathan’s also in love with Rissa, his other girlfriend for the past six months. And I couldn’t be happier for him.

You see, we have an open relationship and while this story shows how much Nathan and I love each other, it’s not about us as a couple.

It’s about how Benedict and I met and started a love story of our own.

Note: this serial is for mature audiences only & involves characters who have multiple partners, 100 pages.**
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Excerpt #1

He smiles at me, and I swear, I’m blown away.
Shit, shit, shit.
I’m in trouble.
Especially since I’m about to blatantly invite the trouble into my life.
“You know what,” I say suddenly, standing up. “I want a chocolate chip muffin. I’ll be right back.”
Ethan nods, not really hearing me, focused on whatever it is he’s gazing at out the window and I head to the counter to order. There is one person in front of me so I have to wait, and because people are predictable, it’s only a moment or two before I feel the man stand behind me. I don’t even have to look to know.
“I’m Benedict,” he murmurs, leaning in close to my ear so his breath brushes me in an intimate manner. His deep voice is sexy just as I imagined it would be from simply looking at him.
I ignore the way it makes me feel and am direct as possible so he knows everything he needs to. “I’m taken.”
“Are you?” He chuckles, still close to me even though he isn’t touching me in any way. “So am I. Now, what’s your name?”
Interesting. Well, he gets points for being honest, and I’ve no idea what his situation is, so I give him an honest answer. “I’m Caroline.”
“Is that your boyfriend sitting with you?”
“A friend? A relative? Someone I have to worry about beating me up for speaking with you?”
I can’t help it. I laugh at the question and turn to face him as the person in front of me continues to waffle about what they want to order. Our bodies are inches apart as he straightens, and I have to look up into his face because he’s got a good six inches on my five-foot-five frame. And the first thing I notice is he’s even more attractive up close. His face might have a five o’clock shadow, but it’s blemish free, and his hazel eyes shine bright as he gazes down at me, his multi-colored tie emphasizing the various flicks of color in them.
“He’s my friend,” I say with a smile. “Since we were kids. He’s like a brother, and no, he won’t beat you up.”
Benedict’s eyes are even more vibrant, if that’s even possible, as he lifts a hand to my hair and pushes it behind my ear. It’s forward, has my stomach dropping and my heart careening, but I can’t seem to find the heart to object to this simplest of touches. He seems as fascinated by me as I am by him and I need to see what he wants.
“How old are you, Caroline?”
“I’ll be twenty-one tomorrow. You?”
“Nice.” He drops his hand, stepping back as the cashier behind us announces the total to the person ordering, and smiles at me. “I’m thirty. But it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to make sure you were legal.”
Legal for what?
“May I help you?” The cashier asks from behind me, and I turn around without saying anything in response to his comment, stepping up to the counter.
“Yes, I’d like a chocolate chip muffin please.” I wait until she holds her hand out for the money, then give it to her and step aside with a glance back at Benedict. “Your turn.”
“Oh,” he replies with a naughty grin, removing himself from the line to stand next to me. “I don’t want anything to eat. At least, not from this cafe.”
I ignore the butterflies in my stomach at his suggestive words and roll my eyes at him instead. “I’m sure your girlfriend would love to know you’re hitting on a girl that isn’t her in this cafe.”
He leans in at the same moment I feel his hand slide into my pocket, tugging me until my side is against his, and whispers in my ear, “We have an open relationship.” He says that as if he knows I’ll know what it means as my eyes collide with his. Which I do, but he can’t know that having just met me. Then, he steps back while removing his hand from my pocket and sliding it into his own. “My card is in your pocket, Caroline. Call me.”
I don’t get a chance to reply as he turns around and walks away, out the door in the blink of an eye.

Excerpt #2 

Right then, my phone buzzes, and I open it to find a message from Benedict.
“Where are you? Are you here yet?”
“Yeah,” I text back as Nathan releases his hold on my waist with a smile, leaning back against the counter next to me, eye on the crowd. “At the bar getting a soda and waiting on Ethan to show up. You?”
“Be there in a sec.”
I laugh and put my phone down as I touch my hand to Nathan’s, getting his attention. “He says he’s on his way over.”
“Cool.” The bartender sets down our drinks, Nathan handing him a card as he says, “Go ahead and open a tab.”
“Their drinks are on me this evening.” Benedict’s voice comes from out of nowhere, and I whirl on the stool to find him standing right behind me. He’s so close to me my knees almost touch his legs. “Don’t worry about it, Frank. Make sure you add yourself a nice tip at the end of the night, too.”
I don’t see what happens behind me, but in a second, Nathan stands up straighter, and steps closer to my side, placing his hand around my waist once more. And Benedict doesn’t even blink at this, which is a point in his favor, holding out his right hand to Nathan with a smile.
“I’m Benedict, and you must be Caroline’s boyfriend.”
“Yeah.” Nathan takes his hand to shake, and I look up into his face to see he’s totally relaxed and smiling as well. “I’m Nathan. And you didn’t have to get the drinks…”
Benedict releases Nathan’s hand and waves a dismissive hand as his eyes find mine. “I own this place. And it’s my pleasure.”
Oh, I bet it is. And seriously, the owner of Club Play? I caught the eye of the owner of the place my boyfriend and I frequented all the time? I can’t believe it, but next to me, Nathan whistles low, then laughs.
“Good luck with this one, babe. I’m gonna go find Rissa.” He leans in and pecks my lips, then nods at Benedict. “Have fun you two.”
Nathan grabs his beer and walks away, leaving me alone with Benedict, who stands where Nathan just vacated and stares down at me. “I’m glad you decided to come.”
Something — perhaps it’s the naughty glint in his eyes — tells me those words were absolutely meant as a promise for what he wanted to make me do, and therefore, his statement is a double entendre.

Author Bio

Violet Haze is a pseudonym of contemporary romance author C.S. Janey who simply desired to keep her erotic romances separate. She is a big fan of romance - writing and reading. The mother of one, she currently spends her days writing, reading, procrastinating, and protecting her son from himself as he pretends he is a superhero.

Luna, her first erotic romance serial, is complete and available now.
Loving My Angel and Hungry Heart are her newest erotic romances serials.
Refuge is a novella, may be read as a standalone, and is only 99 cents.

She hopes you enjoy the glimpse into the naughtier parts of her mind.

Feel free to contact her through Goodreads, Twitter, or FB.

Or by email:

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