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Ensuing Darkness

Ensuing Darkness

(The Dark Chronicles: Book 1)


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Kota’s hometown is harboring more secrets than she ever imagined.

Hunting, partying, and hanging with the guys has made up the most of her frustratingly simple life, and she’s looking hard for something else. Something new. Unfortunately for her, she gets her wish senior year when a family of dancers comes Waltzing into her life.

Unbeknownst to Kota however, the Peters are hiding dark secrets and a dark past that’s still chasing them. Their dangerous mission needs to go perfectly, but when the twins get mixed up in a taboo romance with Kota and her best friend Sue, things get nasty for everyone.

Driven by her inexhaustible curiosity and the disturbing effect the Peters have on her, Kota starts pushing her way towards the truth without hesitation. All at once, she’s surrounded by everything she never knew existed, and now more than just her life is in danger.

Careful what you wish for… it might kill you.


An Upper YA Paranormal Fantasy


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As the rock connected with my head, my vision blurred and blackness threatened to overcome me. I blinked it away temporarily, more tears from the pain sliding down my face, and looked up at him. How could this be happening? I never, in all my life, thought he would... The world was spinning and I was beginning to feel nauseous. He was saying something, but it was like I was under water. I felt bile rising in my throat and started to say I was going to puke when he was suddenly off of me.
I rolled over and wretched. When I looked up, I saw him flying backwards through the air, being carried by something with huge claws. Whatever it was, it was too covered in shadows to make anything out clearly, but I didn’t deliberate on it too much. I wiped the bile from my lips and staggered into a run that steadily increased in speed.
Then out of nowhere, something big slammed into the ground in front of me, and I smacked into it before I could stop. I fell to the ground, my dizziness returning and the corners of my vision became rimmed in blackness. I squinted and forced myself to focus as the mound of billowing smoke moved and grew taller, showing what lay beneath the shroud. I started backpedalling as I took in the sight. Eyes as red as blood stared down at me, while a wide mouth showed sharp teeth and let more smoke fall with every breath. Its body was a dark gray and covered in short fur that still showed all the muscle underneath. The huge wings, which were made of sinew with small hooks at the tips, were open and ready while one of the claw-like hands reached out for me. I’m hallucinating. I’m hallucinating. I have a concussion and I’m hallucinating. I kept repeating in my head, but no matter how many times I thought it, it wasn’t helping me calm down. It seemed too real.
I screamed like I’d never screamed before and turned to run, but the smoke was already too close. I could smell chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint? Then smoke from a campfire and the smell of the forest. I slowed my escape, as the smell of the smoke overtook me. I became light-headed and lethargic. What’s going on? Why am I… why am I moving so slow? What the… hell is that thing? I shook my head, but that just made it worse and I had to lay on the ground to steady myself. “Wha…wha…” I tried to speak, but it was like my mouth wouldn’t work.
The creature walked up to me slowly, looking me over, and I squinted up at it as my vision worsened. I tried to fight whatever was happening to me and shook my head. “Please…” I fought with my mouth to form the word. “Plea… se…” It just looked at me for a minute, and then started reaching for me when everything went black.

I was given book for honest review. Kota finds out her town is harboring nonhuman beings. Can anyone say 20 + questions with a vampire? Really liked this as always thought Kota’s reactions to the discovery are what mine would be if you know I ever happen to meet up with a supernatural being. Loved the thought and detail on the different strains of vampires that Connelly describes. The companionship of the supporting characters is to be admired. Was very upset that it hung at the end but that just means I have something to look forward to in the future with the next book.

About the Author


Sabrina Giles was born during a storm, in a room with no windows and no electricity. She used to hate reading fiction so much her mother made it a punishment, and then suddenly something clicked. Now she can’t stop writing it.

Ensuing Darkness is the first in her series The Dark Chronicles. She's persistently working on its sequel, as well as a couple other projects you might see popping up soon.

When she’s not writing, she can be found spending time with her husband, being crafty or making tasty messes in the kitchen.

She & her husband currently live in Illinois with a boxer, a fat cat, and are expecting their first child.

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