Monday, October 13, 2014

Covertly Strong Release

October 13, 2014- After her successful author debut in 2013 with The Infamous Ellen James and the follow up, Avoiding Amy Jackson, each debuting as Amazon bestsellers in Humor, N.A. Alcorn has taken a step in a new direction releasing a Military Romantic Suspense, Covertly Strong (The Strong Series #1).   Known for writing strong heroines with quick wit and sharp tongues she stays true to her writing style in Covertly Strong—a second chance romance with a twist.
The heart wrenching story came to life after N.A. Alcorn found old love letters that a family member had sent and received while their loved one was off to war.  Wondering what would have happened if those letters never got to their intended recipients, what if they never got a response?  The story of Sloan Walker and Nixon West is exactly that.
What happens to young love when things go awry?  What happens when that love runs into you again like a freight train, at the worst possible time? What happens when the person that you love is someone that could put your life and career in jeopardy?
Readers will be enraptured by the love story of Nix & Sloan, following on the edge of their seats as Sloan Walker aka Agent L-55 takes them on an undercover mission into the darkness of the Central American drug cartels and find out exactly how strong love can really be. 
Her past has been long forgotten. Ten years have gone by since someone remembered the girl she used to be. The young girl with the big-brown eyes and beautiful dreams of happiness, dreams of love. She now lives a clandestine life. A life filled with top-secret missions and covert assignments. Only a handful of people know the true nature of her job. Her safety is constantly being pushed towards the brink of life-threatening danger.

Then one day someone unexpectedly steps back into her life…

A man who once owned her mind, body, and soul.
A man who held her heart in the palm of his hand.

He remembers. He knows.
Covertly Strong (The Strong Series #1) is currently available through

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