Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lust or Love


what do you do when the one who is very wrong for you keeps coming back into your life? single mum heather is turning 30 and evaluating her life. set in 2011 in small town in Yorkshire England. look back into heathers past and follow her to the present. heather has for 6 years been torn between her feelings for the destructive kian and the harsh truth that they probably wont ever be together. over 6 years life has took them both in different directions, however heather can never seem to get kian out of her mind and sometimes at the most unexpected points in her life kian always seems to reappear. if it isn't really love then is the lust worth the pain of the heartache and can heather ever let kian go for good

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I was given this book by author for honest review. Taking a look back on her life single mom Heather wonders if her friendship/relationship with Kian is going somewhere or if she should cut her losses and let him go. Loved the settings and the musings. Me being in south US had to work my way through some of the speech mannerisms that are UK natured. (Not a bad thing just different and made the book more enjoyable as it gives perspectives into other culture and lives.)

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Chad Micheal Murray as kian 
Troian Bellisario as Heather

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First off I would like to tell you a little bit about me,I am a massive book worm who has been inspired by many talented authors to pursue my own path.
I am a thirty two year old mum to an nine year old wonderful daughter. I am new to the writing scene, and as well as being a mum I run my own small business in massage and holistic therapy's which I started in April 2013. I have not been writing since high school were English was my favourite lesson and I loved writing reports and short stories but I lost touch with it after leaving school and working many bar jobs. I still stayed a massive book worm and love anything from horror, drama and romance to young adult novels. 2013 was were I started making many changes and doing things. I decided to enter a writing completion at which I did not get very far in the competition but by just entering it was the push I needed to carry on writing my first novel lust or love, It has been a bumpy journey but I am very happy that my first novel lust or love will be released very soon through

Just recently it was decided that lust or love is to be a series ,it wasn't originally going to be,however it has been wrote in three parts and been added to ,I did start to write something else new ,but I have again come back to lust or love there is still more to come, and part 2 just lust and part 3 choose love will be out this year

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