Monday, July 14, 2014

Plastic Confidence Reveal


Plastic Confidence Book #1 of The Good Bye Trilogy By Alisa Mullen

What happens when the past rears its ugly head and messes with who you thought you were? Did it break down all your walls and set your whole world on fire? 

Meet Julia Delaney, a.k.a Jules the lead singer of Love Sick Ponies, sex superstar, and a heart full of rocks. She loves them and leaves them, a bad girl through and through.

That is until she meets Brennan Curtis, a fan boy, a wannabe friend, and the only one who could possibly tear Jules’ walls down.

 When the plastic breaks wide open, Jules finds herself in a vulnerable and awkward situation.

Jules’ journey of self-discovery started at a young age and the self- image that is engrained in her brain may be there for life. Trying to change her image, she realizes that she will never be able to escape it.

Follow the past ghosts into the now for the emotional roller coaster ride you all expect from Alisa Mullen.

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About the Author
Mullen is the author of Amazon's best-selling books (in multiple categories) from The Chosen Series.
Mullen grew up in Maine and has lived in many cities across the US. She likes to travel but craves to travel to places in her mind. She combines life experience and imagination on paper. She has been a writer since she was eight years old and throughout schooling, she wrote poems and stories.
Mullen has a BA in English and an MS in Non Profit Management.

Despite her need to help other less fortunate than her, nothing has ever felt more satisfying than writing. She published her first book "Unsettled" in February 2014. "Unchosen" and "Unrequited" were both released in May 2014. "Unmarked" - Book #4 will be written in 2015 and it will center around Sean, a secondary character in the series so far.
Mullen released a suspense novella, "One Missing Link" in May and her next novel is The Good Bye Trilogy's "Plastic Confidence" (Book #1)due out in August 2014. "Artificial Love" and "Elastic Hope" are the 2nd and 3rd books in that trilogy.
In her rare off time, she enjoys laughing and goofing off with her husband and their two children.She loves the beach, Estate Sales, Blue Bonnet season, and macrame.
Mullen currently lives in South Texas and likes it there for now. Mullen owns a macramé necklace business, Devika Knots, which she started with her daughter in 2009 and it has become a great part of her life. Many times her whole family will go out to the markets to be around other artisans and farmers. She and her husband look forward to one day owning an RV and following their noses around the country year round.

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