Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Just a Bump Release

Title: Just a Bump
Author: A.M. Kurylak
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Jenna Harris is a girl who once dreamed of traditional happiness; husband, children etc. Everything she thought she would ever need to feel complete in life.
But three years after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Jenna is no longer the girl she once recognised. A break up leaves her self esteem in shreds and she fears she will never find herself again.
American rancher Cole Jackson is rugged, handsome and confident and inexplicably drawn to Jenna, who shies away from the intense attraction she feels towards him.
As Cole tries to break down the walls Jenna keeps so fiercely around her heart he comes closer to learning the secret which she is so ashamed of.
But can he break the chains of her past and help Jenna to discover that her identity as a woman does not depend on her fertility but rather on the heart that he has come to love?

“Will you promise me something?” he asked quietly as they turned onto Jenna’s street. She was tempted to just blithely say yes but history had taught her that this was a loaded question, and she grinned up at him.
“Hmm, that depends what it is,” She nudged him, still holding onto his hand while they walked.
Cole raised one of his brows, mischief lighting his eyes.
“Your promises come with conditions now?”
Jenna shrugged lightly.
“I’m not crazy. You could get me to promise anything, and as an honest person, I would have to stick to my promise. I mean, what if you got me to promise to serve you breakfast in bed or something? A girl has to be careful.”
They laughed as they arrived at her garden gate.
“Damn, I could have gotten breakfast in bed?” Cole gathered her in his arms and grinned down at her with a cheekiness that bordered on the downright erotic. Jenna swallowed as her heart thumped, and her hands slid around his waist.
“Only if you’re a good boy and even then it’s not a sure thing,” She rolled her eyes playfully.
Cole laughed and kissed her soundly, drawing it out lazily until her senses were muddled and she hardly cared that she was kissing her date on her doorstep as if she intended to undress him then and there.
She broke the kiss, breathless and thoroughly weak in the knees as she sagged a little against him.
“Okay big man, you win, what do you want me to promise?” Her eyes sparkled in the darkness.
Cole brushed her hair away from her eyes and traced his thumb over her damp lips.
“I know you’re keeping something inside, something painful and I’m not asking to know about it now because I know you’re not ready,” he spoke softly, cupping Jenna’s chin when she tried to look away, sensing that this was something she shied away from. “But promise me you will tell me one day. I don’t just want to know the good stuff; I want to know the parts that make you cry too, the things that I know you think I don’t want to hear.”

A.M. Kurylak is a debut author who has a passion for romance and fantasy novels. She loves discovering new authors and living the stories they weave, as a result she is inspired everyday to improve her own writing.
When she isn’t writing, she can be found experimenting in her kitchen, gaming on her console or with her nose deep in a new book.
She lives in the beautiful historic city of Gloucester, England, with her gorgeous tortoiseshell cat Kasha.

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