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Light of Day

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Title: Light Of Day

Author: KM Thompson

Series: Daylight (Book 1)

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Light Of Day
For readers of E.L James, J Kenner and Kristin Mayer When you run from your past it will always catch up with you. Dana Spencer has fled London and started a new life in New York with her best friend James. They both have new jobs, a new apartment and new love interests, but what are they hiding? Edward Day is Danas new boss and a man on a mission, he is determined to help her but with her locked up like fort knox, will he ever get her to drop her guard? Dana's secret life begins to unravel, when Edward reveals he knows more about her than he should. Dana has no intention of opening up to the obsessed billionaire, he has to find a way of softening her up, but what is he hiding and how long will it be until his curious and stubborn employee finds out? Where is Nathan? Who is following her? Why are they conspiring against her? Who can she trust?
Right now all I know is that I need to get out of here. I jump off the bed, grab my top and walk towards the lift that brought me up here. "Dana. Please wait, can we just talk about this?" I hear him moving after me and as his legs are twice the length of mine, he's gaining on me, so I pick up the pace practically running now. "I think you misunderstood what I was saying." "No, I'm pretty sure I understood perfectly," I shout behind me as I reach the lift and press the call button. Nothing happens. "You need to put the lift key in before the call button works." He looks at me with a knowing smile, I feel my anger rising. "Could you please put the key in, so I can leave?" He starts to shake his head and turns away calling over his shoulder to me, "Not until you talk to me." I'm shocked. "You can't do this, you can't keep me here because you're not getting what you want." There has to be a fire escape or something on a building like this. "I can do what I like because I have the key. I'm the one with the power as you will soon find out." The grin on his face becomes so boyish. He looks like the cat that got the cream. "Look whatever it is you're into, it doesn't do it for me." Trying to stay calm is becoming hard. "Ah, but I think it does. You enjoyed being spanked, you became wet and hot. I felt it even through your panties. You need the pain but I can help you enjoy it." The fact that he is managing to keep his composure during this means he is deadly serious. "No wonder you didn't look shocked when you walked into the black room. You were probably turned on. Is that what James was ruining? You getting your hands on me, he was doing what you wanted to be doing, wasn't he?" I start to look around, there has to be an emergency exit somewhere. "Actually I was both shocked and turned on. I was shocked as I said because I didn't realise how serious your need for pain was. That you were physically marking and scaring your body…" His face looks angrier at this point. "But walking in and seeing you in such a submissive position, I just wanted to scoop you up and take you to bed." "You're crazy, really, completely insane. So what did James ruin then? Come on spit it out." I must be starting to look like a crazy person myself. A hint of something crosses his eyes. "I can't tell you, I'm sorry. Come, it's time for bed." That's it—he just starts walking towards the long hallway that houses the bedrooms. "Did you not hear me? I'm going home, can I have the key please?" "You are not leaving at this time of night, I will show you to your room." The calmness in him is becoming impatient. "No, I'm going home now!" "Dana! Follow me or I will drag you kicking and screaming to the room, before restraining you to the bed to make sure you stay there until morning." The authority in his voice told me not to mess with him, but I've been bullied by one man before and I'll be damned if I'm going to let it happen again. "No." I dragged the word out sarcastically. He starts towards me so I turn and make a run for it. Heading through the open plan lounge and kitchen, I make my way to the other side of the island in the middle of the kitchen. As we dance around it I can't help but laugh, his face is so serious and frustrated. "Don't laugh at me Dana, I'm not in the mood." This just makes me laugh more. Mocking him, I say in a booming voice, "Me, big boss man. I say. You do." I'm laughing so much I trip and he's on me like a flash. Picking me up and hoisting me over his shoulder, he is soon carrying me through the apartment. "Put me down!" I'm screaming at him, kicking my legs, and pounding my fist on his back. Throwing me off him and onto a bed, he drags my arm above my head and attaches it to a handcuff already in place on the headboard. What the hell! I start to pull my arm to test the strength of the cuff. "You can't do this, it's illegal." He goes to leave. "What if I need the toilet?" He turns and looks at me with a wicked grin. "Hold it! Soon you will realise it's easier to do as I say instead of defying me at every turn. Tomorrow you will receive your punishment. Goodnight." He starts to close the door. "Are you not sleeping with me?" Confused and shocked at what is transpiring, that panic starts to rise. "I don't share my bed Dana." With that he closes the door. "Edward! Edward!" I'm shouting so loud I hear my voice become hoarse. "Please don't leave me here." The door opens. "Shut up and go to sleep or I will gag you too. You're going to need your energy in the morning." This time I decide not to call his bluff. "I haven't agreed to your proposition yet." "But we both know you will. Tell me you're not turned on right now. Tell me that your juices aren't flowing at this situation you've found yourself in." My body betrays me as my face becomes flushed. "I thought so." He walks towards me and he undoes the cuff. "Get some sleep, I'll see you for breakfast at eight." He leaves the room, I hear him open another door and close it again. I wait to hear for anymore movement, there's none. Why am I not finding this more daunting or scary? You know why, I hear the voice in my head tell me. You are turned on and you're curious. I get off the bed and tip toe to the door, opening it and peering out to check if the coast is clear. Walking out into the hallway I make my way back to the living room where I dropped my handbag to retrieve my phone, but I can't find it. I go to the kitchen and then retrace my steps to the bedroom. Realisation dawns on me, that's what Edward went to get the first time he left the room when I was cuffed to the bed. I can't believe this, he actually has me imprisoned here. As I continue snooping around I come across a set of large double doors, I go to open it but it's locked. Moving along I come across a big heavy metal door tucked away, it must be the fire escape and I smile with relief. I consider opening it and running for my life, but would I really be running for my life? Do I even want to? As this thought enters my mind I'm aware that I trust Edward, he's nothing like Grant and I am curious to partake in this way of life he is offering me. It doesn't hurt to try it, does it? With my mind made up I make my way back to my room, and get out of my clothes. Settling into bed I wonder what tomorrow will bring, what sort of punishment I will receive. With a smile I drift off to sleep.

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