Wednesday, July 22, 2015

For No Apparent Reason

For No Apparent Reason
by: S.K. Derban
Publication Date: February 21, 2014
Publisher: Touchpoint Press
Genre: Mystery


A focused law student, romance has been absent from Madison’s life. She has successfully planned each phase of her life and resigned to the fact that there will be plenty of time for love after she passes the bar exam—that is, until the single act of seeking shelter from a spring downpour dramatically alters the course of her life. Madison is lured away from the security of law school into a world where she learns about the destructive nature of greed. Thrust in a maze of money laundering and murder, Madison experiences the value of true friendship and witnesses the healing power of love.

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"You end it with a smile. This book gets 5 Cups for being original and having class!" Coffee Time Romance & More review.
"S.K. Derban shows that Adventure, Romance, and Mystery can captivate our attention without compromising a wholesome moral compass." Amazon review
"There is nothing better than a great summer read! And "For No Apparent Reason" really hit the mark with romance, suspense and intrigue! This book had me from the start with a smart and captivating flow - Bravo!" Amazon review

Meet S.K. Derban

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, S.K. Derban moved to London within the first three months, and remained in England until the age of five. Her mother, born and raised in the United Kingdom, was involved with the London Royal Ballet Company, and a great fan of the arts. Even after returning to the United States, S.K. Derban’s life was filled with a love of the theatre and a passion for British murder mysteries. Her personal travel and missionary adventures also help to transport readers virtually across the globe. S.K. Derban has smuggled Bibles into China on five separate occasions, and has been to Israel on seven missionary trips. When writing, she relies on all aspects of her life, from a strong faith in the Lord, to her unique combination of professional experience. The many personal adventures of S.K. Derban are readily apparent as they shine through into her characters.
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