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Matter of Choice

Title: Matter of Choice
Author: RM Alexander
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: January 21, 2014

Some promises can’t be kept.

Shannon Winters’ picture perfect marriage is in shambles after a car accident left her husband an amnesiac. The commitment to vows he doesn’t remember making keeps her fighting while covering up the parade of other women and a spectacle of bad behavior. Her career as owner and manager at a successful boutique hotel alongside the Hudson River keeps is her refuge, but, at thirty-seven years old, what she craves is the bond to be repaired.

Even twenty years after high school, Triston Keyes continues to be haunted by the memories of the girl he’d lost, the only woman he’s ever loved. When he meets Shannon during a vacation, he finally has the chance to apologize. It’s the only hope he has if he ever wants to fall in love with anyone else.

Sparks rekindle between them, and Shannon struggles to find a reason to stay true to a broken marriage which is quickly crumbling as she gravitates towards the forgotten love.

Until her husband pleas for her to come back.

But when the depth of betrayal is revealed, Shannon must choose her vows-and her beloved hotel-or to remain true to her heart; while Triston must fight to keep the past from catching up to his future.

Both know nothing is a matter of luck, but a matter of choice …

I was given this book by author for honest review. Shannon hangs on to her crumbling marriage despite everything her husband has put her through. Until one day she can’t.  Triston has never stopped loving her and decides that the only thing to do she to help her right what is wrong in her life. Triston shows her that being cherished is not only important but necessary as well. This is a sweet emotionally charged romance that makes one think on right and wrongs of keeping promises made.  

Excerpt One:

Excerpt Two:

He snorted and chuckled. “You’ll call security on me? Like anyone in security scares me? That Stevens rent-a-cop-he’s a joke. I said, Get out of my way!”

The hands which had spent the better part of ten years caressing her skin and holding her with happiness and sorrow shot out and grabbed her shoulders, his grip hard against her skin. She yelped and then screamed as he pulled her up off her feet, glaring with angry eyes, then threw her against the wall. Unable to gain her balance in time, she shrunk to the floor in a crumbled heap, staring at her husband as he turned away without a second look and strode in to the banquet room. Tears spilled down her cheeks as his booming voice blasted through the air, and then terror struck as Rick looked up, then past Greg to meet her with first startled then enraged eyes.

Her voice didn’t find its way out of her mouth in time to stop Rick from barreling towards Greg, arms wide and ready to tackle. Shrieks and gasps ricocheted out of the banquet room and pounced off the walls, pummeling Shannon like bees as Greg glowered at the teenager. A single hook landed hard and precise against the boy’s temple, sending him sprawling to the ground. Senators and chair people rushed to his side, and others wrapping their arms tight against Greg’s drunken rage, encasing him with immobilizing restraint.

Excerpt Three:

Excerpt Four:

“I think you’re underestimating my commitment here.”

“I think you’re getting ahead of yourself.”

“Am I?” He leaned forward, his knuckle cupping her chin as he edged it upwards and softly pressing his lips against her mouth. Her every fiber wanted to fight him, to push him away, but their skin pressed together felt too good, and she melted into him.

Slowly, they parted, her voice hoarse as she spoke. “We shouldn’t …” She couldn’t bear to open her eyes. She didn’t want to see the expectations and hope she imagined to be shimmering in his gaze, or reveal the shame and uncertainty she knew was in hers.

He pressed a finger against her lips, leaning forward to whisper in her ear, his breath intoxicatingly warm. “Don’t say ‘we shouldn’t’ anything. Open your eyes sweetheart, look at me.” He paused, and she could feel him back away. Setting her jaw firm, her lids eased open, staring into his gaze a mere inches away. “It was one kiss Shy. That’s all. And I won’t go further than that until you’re ready. But to make it clear, I love you. It might seem impossible, it’s been years and we haven’t spent much time together since I came to the Grande. But I realized this afternoon, when I took a jog down that path we walked… I loved you in high school. Honestly, truly loved you. I screwed it up. But the love never really went away.”


Too Young-Jack Wagner

I Got You-Leona Lewis

My Love-Lionel Richie

Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis

Little Wonders-Rob Thomas

Lady-Kenny Rogers

You Decorated my Life-Kenny Rogers

Caught up in You- 38 Special

Rock my Heart-Michael Damian

Never Walk Away-Michael Damian

Never Forget You-Michael Damian

Because you Loved Me-Celine Dion

Still Mad About You-Michael Damian

Happy-Leona Lewis

If you asked me to-Celine Dion

Just to Hear you Say that you Love me- Faith Hill and Tim McGraw


RM Alexander is an author of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. Her current novel, "Matter of Choice" is releasing in January 2014.

She has been writing since she was 10 years old. Many times, she stopped writing for months or even years at a time, but always came back to it until, in 2009, an idea came to her she couldn't put down. Over the next two years, she wrote and revised "Shadows", which will becoming available in spring/summer of 2014.

Another novel, "Matter of Choice", found its way to paper in 2010 during the revision process for "Shadows". And as "Shadows" was making its rounds to literary agencies, "Matter of Choice" was finished and slated for release in January of 2014.

With characters who look for love in wrong places and are victims of the worse kind of betrayals while fighting for what they want and believe in, RM's novels promise a good read with unexpected twists and turns.

When she's not writing, RM is spending time with her husband and two small children in Michigan. She loves to travel, especially to Walt Disney World, and can often be found on Twitter or Facebook chatting with other authors and fans.

20 FunFacts about RM Alexander

11.    I don’t do coffee, thanks, but I can’t wake up in the morning without a big glass of orange juice.

22.    I am a Christian, and that’s why I don’t write steamy sex scenes or vulgar language. Besides, it’s the romance in a relationship that makes a person’s heart melt, that’s the part that’s exciting, even when the sex is good.

33.    Loves tigers and would own a tiger sanctuary if could.

44.    Loves Disney and goes to Walt Disney World every chance she has.

55.    Doesn’t do roller coasters, unless they are at Disney World.

66.    Loves old homes and visiting old estates. Loves the architecture, the look, and yes, the grandeur of them.

77.    Is fascinated by history, especially before the 1900’s.

88.    Loves animals and nature. Waterfalls, a good hike through the forest, listening to the water flow in a river.

99.    Likes to shop, but would rather go to the museum or the zoo.

110. Loves traveling. Wants to see Australia/New Zealand, Ranthambore in India, Neuschwanstein in Germany, go on an African safari, and ride a helicopter of Kauai. If I can stay out of Disney long enough to do these things!

111. Used to be a travel agent, and still dapples in it from time to time.

112. Favorite movies is Pride and Prejudice, The Family Man, The Notebook, The Call.

113. Favorite books are 11/22/63 by Stephen King, Journey by Danielle Steel, The Color of Love by Sandra Kitt, and Black Hills by Nora Roberts.

114. There are very few artists I like-I tend to like songs in particular. But I do have few favorites, and they appear on my playlist for this book.

115. Has been writing since I was ten years old, and can still remember writing my first story while staying at my best friend’s house overnight.

116. I would carry my writing notebook with me to all of my middle school classes and write during class, while I was pretending to take notes. During recesses, while everyone was checking out the boys, I had my nose in my notebook. It went everywhere with me.

117. The loves of my life are my husband and two little girls.

118. Favorite poem is “Dreams” by Langston Hughes. Read it in high school, it stuck, and I still can recite it word for word.

119. I love the idea of creatures existing that we haven’t discovered. It’s humbling when we are reminded we don’t know everything.

220. I’m a hopeless romantic, and at my age, I still believe genuine love can move mountains and save the day.

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