Thursday, February 13, 2014


After being emotionally scarred by her ex, Ava Martinez struggled to find a guy worth her time. She found happiness in her job, her boss was truly amazing, and being surrounded by friends that kept her smiling, but she knew that one thing was missing.
Brantley Fisher never considered himself a ladies man, but he didn’t have any problem melting the panties off of any willing woman he met. As he found himself climbing up the company ladder he made it well known, he was not the type of guy to settle down. That was until he noticed the petite brunette across the bar who would forever change his life. 

Their passionate whirlwind romance brings them happiness they once worked so hard to avoid. However, their murky pasts will stop at nothing to keep them from finding love. In a moment of turmoil, they both find clarity. Will Ava and Brantley risk everything for true love?  

I was given this book by author for honest review. Ava and Brantly start things with a bang. After only one meeting they end up together question is can they stay together. She has trust issues and he has work issues. Enjoyed the journey they took on their road to clarity. This was a romantic getting to know your partner kinda book where the characters took the time together to play. 

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