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Title: Forever (Forever #1)
Author: Mary A. Wasowski
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: February 18, 2014
Following her larger than life best friend to NYU was a dream come true.
Modeling part-time to pay the bills, while she earned her teaching degree, Reese Mitchell never imagined her Nana’s prediction of finding her future husband could be possible. Then she met…HIM! Walker Reed, her handsome stranger. He was sexy as sin and one look from him, she was hooked. Loving Walker was effortless. He captured her heart with one touch making Reese lose herself in him. From strangers to lovers, they became two hearts…one love. Outside forces conspire to tear their love apart leaving her to wonder if two people from different worlds should stay together? When promised “Forever” from the man who loves her, Reese is left with only one thing to do. She trusts the promises made. She believes in the happily ever after. She believes in…FOREVER.
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I was given this book by author for honest review. Book 1 of  The Forever Series introduces Resse and Walker. Resse believes in forever and in him. Sigh.. Totally enjoyed the love story that develops between these two characters. Can’t wait to get my hands on book 2.


“Come on, baby, time to wake up.” I rolled over to see Walker, and he was already dressed.

“What time is it?” I rubbed my eyes that are still sore from crying last night.

“It’s a few minutes past nine, I want you to get in the shower and get ready. We are meeting my father in an hour.”

“You can meet your father in an hour, I’ll stay here under my covers.” Walker came over and lifted my comforter and blanket up and then quickly threw them aside.

He then slid his arm under me and carried me to the bathroom. “Put me down, Walker, this is crazy. What are you doing?”

“Reese, if I have to, I will wash you myself, dress you, and drag you out of here. You will come with me. This bullshit with my father ends today, and after that, we will celebrate our do-over for New Year’s. I am done with this man trying to screw with my life, and you are a part of it. So, are we going to argue some more, or are you going to get ready?”

I turned on the hot water in the shower and then leaned in to kiss him. God, I wanted to have sex with him right now! This no-nonsense-in-your-face attitude was turning me on like you wouldn’t believe, and I could almost see his hard on through his jeans. Anytime we would fight, it would always lead to us fucking in a hot and aggressive manner. I slowly began to work my way down my legs when the curtain tore open, and his fiery eyes met mine.

“Don’t you even think about touching yourself. I want all your pleasure, and later you will give it to me.” Walker pulled my wet body, slammed me into his chest, and he kissed and sucked at my tongue. I think I came right there, but I certainly didn’t tell him. It’s not as if I could hide any of my body’s reactions from him...anymore.

“Ready?” he asked me as we exited our car; this is the same question he asked me last night, but today, it had a whole new meaning. His parents were hosting brunch at their penthouse. A few close friends would be in attendance, along with Elizabeth and her family. We didn’t wait to be announced as Walker led me in to the great room to call out to his father.

Elizabeth joined us first and looked worried. “What’s wrong, Walker? Are you okay?” She touched his arm when she asked him, completely ignoring me.

“I’m fine, Elizabeth. Where is my father?” He asked through gritted teeth. She told us that his parents and guests were in the dining hall. Still holding my hand, he dragged me along with him, as he continued to call out for his father. Slamming the doors open and almost taking out the poor waiter, Walker pointed directly at his father. “We can do this in front of your guests, or you can join us in your study. Your choice, father. What will it be?”

His father, wiping his mouth with his linen napkin, simply placed it down and crossed his arms over his chest. “Walker, if you want to cause a scene in front of your mother and all of our friends, then you go right ahead, I have nothing to hide.” Oh he is good, smirking at me the entire time.

He waited for Walker to explode. Walker turned to his mother and apologized for what he was about to do. She was the last person he wanted to hurt, but he needed to have his say. “You… My father, have meddled in my life for the last time. You will mind your own fucking business when it comes to my personal affairs. Ladies and gentlemen, if you didn’t get the pleasure of meeting my beautiful girlfriend last night, then let me introduce her to you now. This is Reese Mitchell, and she will be Reese Mitchell Reed sometime in the near future. I love this woman with all of my heart and soul. She is my whole world. Phillip Reed over there, my devoted father, has been trying to threaten her, bully her, and extricate her from my life. I am here to tell you that he has failed in his attempts, and I will not allow this to continue for one more second.”

He left my side, and walked right over to where his father sat, and leaned in to look directly into his eyes. “Stop fucking with me, father, and stay the hell out of my life. You want to come at me, fine you go right ahead, but don’t go through my woman to get to me, ever again!”

He turned to Elizabeth, and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry, friend, but whatever my father has promised you is simply not true. I love Reese, and my future is with her. I’m sorry if this hurts you… I truly am.”
All eyes were on me, as Walker re-joined me at the foot of the table. His mother was crying, and Elizabeth was soon about to join her. He gripped my face and kissed me hard in front of his family and guests. “I love you, baby. It’s me and you against the world, right?” I nodded my answer, he grabbed my hand, and we never looked back


About the Author
Mary Wasowski is the queen of mastering many tasks. I call New Jersey my home where I share my life with my husband, and our three amazing sons. Writing was my way of expressing my words that sometimes I couldn't say. My journals were filled with the rants of a teenager finding her way, and eventually they turned into poems, and short stories. Joining the Indie community of so many talented writers has been a wonderful experience. I am so thankful for all of the love and support I have received. Life can take you down many different roads, but I truly believe this is where I am suppose to be now. I want to inspire my boys to never give up on your dreams. I never did, and here I am. I am officially an Author. Write what you love. Love what you write. Believe in your story. You have many chapters to write on your journey... XOXO...Mary

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