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Beautiful Storm Reveal

Beautiful storm cover
Title: Beautiful Storm
Author: Megan Isaacs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 7, 2015
Cover Design: Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations
Photography: Lauren Watson Perry, Perrywinkle Photography
He was my salvation. Interviewing the notorious owner of ‘Ignition’ should have been simple. When asked to go home with him, I should’ve said ‘no.’ But Noah Hamilton’s tattooed, hard body and rugged features were impossible to resist. I wanted him to touch me. And I longed to be loved again. I craved the escape and was desperate to know him. Much like his lifestyle, our heated affair took off at warp speed, proving to be stronger than either of us anticipated. Trapped between my past and future, there was only one decision to make. So I ran… She was my downfall. From the moment Lizzie Ryder stepped into my shop, I wanted her. Had to have her. A reserved journalist with a body of sin and mesmerising eyes was all it took for me to fall. Hard. The night she let me touch her, taste her, I knew I was done for. I never deserved her, but needed to make her mine. She found the heart I never knew I had, brought it to life, and then crushed it to dust. And just like her storm-filled eyes, I drowned in the flood of her desertion. Reaching my breaking point, I struggled to forget the only woman I ever foolishly fell for and dove headfirst into my dark past, barely surviving her. And now she’s back. What happens when our weaknesses become our strengths? Do we reveal and fight…or keep our secrets and run? And can we withstand the devastation left after the Beautiful Storm? Due to sexual content, possible triggers, and excessive bad language reader discretion is advised. 18+

“Do you do this often?” He has the decency to look a little embarrassed. He runs his fingers through his hair, and the action ruffles it to the point of distraction. I struggle to tear my eyes away. “This… Doing relationships, if you want to call them that, this way, is the only thing I can offer. I’m the guy women want for a night. I’m a trophy fuck. I can’t give more and I don’t want to.” My heart stutters a fraction before I regain control. His words shouldn’t bother me because I never expected anything more from him. Still, the absolute certainty he emits brings the whole situation to reality. But there’s something in the way his brow furrows that makes me think it’s a choice. There’s a reason. “Why? Just out of interest.” He stalks over, caging me against the wall. My hands press against his taut chest and his breath flutters against my ear. “Well, if I told you, it wouldn’t be my secret then, would it?” All logical thought disappears, replaced with an intense desire heating my veins. It surges through me setting every nerve on fire. What did I ask him? I dig my fingers in a fraction, but there’s no give in the flesh, his muscles beneath are strung tight. His face is a hair’s width from mine. His breath grazes across my face in small pants. I catch the faint smell of beer, mixed with his closeness and the strength of him, and it makes me weak. I have no defences. I don’t want any. Without warning, he pulls away and strides to the other side of the room. He keeps his back to me. With his head dipped, his shoulders rise and fall almost as if he’s restraining himself. His reaction confuses me. “Noah?” When he turns to me the wildfire in his eyes takes my breath away. And I swallow hard, waiting to see what he’ll do next. “You need to leave.” The words strike hard, but his demeanour counters them. “What? Why?” “I promised I wouldn’t touch you unless you asked me to. I can’t keep that promise.”  
About The Author
Megan Isaacs lives happily in the UK with her husband and son. If you asked her about herself she would say she's completely crackers. Always the introvert with an extrovert exterior. A complete mash up of improbabilities. She loves her family, but that goes without saying. She loves reading and tea. Lots and lots of tea. She used to be pretty good shot with a shotgun, but hasn't shot since she was five months pregnant when she beat her husband for the one and only time. Hanging up her barrels seemed like a good idea after that.
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