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Darkness in Day

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Title: Darkness In Day

Author: KM Thompson

Series: Daylight (Book 2)

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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For readers of E.L James, J Kenner and Kristin Mayer Edward struggles to comes to terms with Andrew's revelation. Dana falls deeper into depression. A tragedy forces them to deal with recent events. There is a traitor amongst them and nothing is as it seems. Who is betraying them? Why is Michael involved? What has Andrew been hiding? Who can they trust?  


We stand in silence as I try to gauge Edward's reaction, his jaw is clenched but other than that he's unreadable. I look to Andy, who has his head lowered. Like me, he's waiting to see how Edward takes this revelation. You know that moment when you can see everything happening in slow motion but you're still powerless to stop it? That's exactly what happens as Edward lifts his foot and it connects with Andy's temple. "Edward, no!" I scream as I watch Andy's body slump to the floor. I rush over to find him breathing but unconscious. "Why did you do that?" "He's a fucking liar," Edward spits. "How do you know?" I ask incredulously. "This isn't Andrew. This timid and vulnerable person is not my brother," he replies. "We need to step outside, now!" I assert. We make our way to the front of the warehouse. "Carl, I need you to check on Andy and stay with him please," I ask my bodyguard, as Edward mumbles something to Peter who gets straight on the phone. We are outside and Edward is pacing and muttering to himself under his breath. He stops and punches the wall beside me and I flinch. "I'm sorry," he says wide eyed, seeing the sudden terror in my eyes. He reaches his arms out to me to pull me to him, but I step back. "It was Andy's blood you had all over you yesterday, wasn't it?" I ask. He stops pacing but stays silent. "Answer me!" I demand. "Yes," he says simply as if he owned up to stealing the last biscuit. "Why did you lie to me?" I ask and Edward looks confused. "Why didn't you tell me you knew where Andy was?" "After what he did to you-" "Exactly, after what he did to me. So why are you the one beating the hell out of him?" "I was..." He pauses to think for a moment and takes a deep breath. "I don't know." "Yes, you do, but as usual you're in denial," I goad him. "No, I'm not." "Do you not see how wrong this is? You have your brother naked and captive in an abandoned warehouse and you're beating him to a pulp. He's just revealed a deep secret he's kept for years and the first thing you do is kick him in the head." I try to rationalise with him. "What do you want me to do? He is the reason I'm like this and to sit in there and lie… He isn't even trying to take responsibility for what he did. He only made it worse when he helped Grant take you away from me." "What did you hear in there? All he did was own up to what he had done," I say losing my patience with him. We are interrupted when a car pulls up and Edward's other brother, Matthew, gets out. "He was making excuses. He's a liar, he is very close to our father and worships the ground he walks on," Edward says and then turns to Matthew. "Thanks for coming." "It's good to see you Dana, I'm happy to see you're safe," Matthew says to me before addressing his brother. "What can I do?" Edward starts to tell Matthew about the conversation we just had with Andrew, I watch for the younger brother's reaction but there's nothing. "Are you seriously okay with this?" My voice comes out slightly more raised than I wanted it to be. "Obviously everyone is a little upset at the moment. Can I talk to you on your own?" Matthew pulls me to the side, away from Edward. "I learned a long time ago to stay out of Edward and Andrew's disagreements-" "You're just going to allow this to happen? You're not even going to hear Andrew out?" I ask him frantically. "I think I am, but I don't know about Edward," he answers. "Can you convince him? If you're willing to listen to what Andrew has to say he might listen too," I plead. He rolls his eyes and huffs before we walk back to Edward. "I think we should see what our dear brother has to say." "Why?" Edward's voice is laced with aggression. "At the dinner while we were eating, Dad was really laying into Andrew. Dad had pulled him to the side and I watched the altercation. I couldn't hear what was being said but Andrew's face looked terrified. After that he sat back down next to James and started snapping at people. When dinner was finished he headed straight into the room you were in and within five minutes you were knocking him out," Matthew finishes. "So what, I'm supposed to just forgive him and welcome him with open arms?" Edward replies sarcastically. "No one would ever expect that but we could hear what he has to say. What's the worst that could happen?" Edward's shoulders slump in defeat and I let out a long breath that I didn't realise I was holding. I take Edward's hand and silently lead him back inside.

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