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Title: Bound

Author: JM Chalker

Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult

Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Fantasy Landscape. Mysterious Old Forest  

Everything happens for a reason... or does it? High school is hard enough without having to start all over, but that's exactly what seventeen year old twins Olivia and Haydon are forced to do. Not only are their relatives basically strangers--but the small town of Jasper Crane is anything but normal or welcoming. Soon they discover things may not be what they seem. Supernatural powers start making themselves known in both twins, forcing them to reconcile with the idea that coincidences are rare, and they may be in Jasper Crane for a reason, one that could have dire consequences. 62413-add-to-goodreads-button  

“You heard that.” I sobbed leaning on the door feeling as if my whole body was made out of jelly. He stood up, opening his arms and I ran into them. We both fell onto the bed with our bodies wrapped around each other. I didn’t hold back. The tears flowed and I felt they were never going to stop.
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Author Bio
I was born in Sydney, Australia and lived there with my family until I was 18 years old. I moved to Queensland in 1999. I now live with my partner, Walter Jarvis and my six month old son Sam Jarvis. We hope to get married in 2016. When I am on my mini mum breaks I love to read paranormal young adult or lite romance. I feel very passionate about books and I decided to give writing a go. I also love blogging about books. I have a rare disability called V.C.F.S and being a new mum makes writing novels challenging. Therefore my novels may take a little longer to be released. When I am not reading I love sitting back watching tv shows like Pretty Little Liars and The 100.
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