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This Could Have Been Our Song

Title – This Could Have Been Our Song! A Coulda Woulda Shoulda Ballad
Series Coulda Woulda Shoulda Song Series  - #1
Author – Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Publication Date – January 18, 2013
Publisher – Ever After Edition
Cover Artist – Danielle-Claude Ngontang MBA

Book Blurb/Synopsis

Book one:

Love can be such a “coulda, woulda, shoulda” song sometimes…

Lucia Mpobo-Riddell could have been a dancer like the rest of women of her family but instead she chose music. Marcus Grant could have been a doctor like the rest of his family but instead he chose music. She also could have not fallen for Marcus on her birthday but she did. And Marcus, he could have told Lucia the truth about his real reason for being in Toronto that night, but he didn’t. Now they have to deal with big reveals and consequences: Marcus almost stealing her job and being force to work on an album together. Marcus, because he couldn’t swallow his pride, leaves Toronto and goes home to London. Lucia, because she just couldn’t give up on her first amazing opportunity to produce a whole album. And to complicate the situation further, the band they’re working for is not the easiest one. Mary Gillis, Marcus’ on and off flame, still has a hold on him. Greg McMullen, Lucia’s close friend and former dance partner is back in town and has been in love with her for years. Then there’s Marcus and Lucia, in the middle of their own a professional and personal tug-of- war with each over and the rest of the world. But maybe things could still work out… All things considered, this could have been one heck of a love song!

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“The meeting is now adjourned. We’ll meet again in two weeks’ time to discuss and finalize the hen party.” She (Axelle) pours herself another glass. “To D-Day minus one hundred and five!” she tells us, raising her glass. “Luce, be a dear and order another pitcher or two.”

I order the pitchers as well as a dirty martini for the bride-to-be.

Axelle turns to me, her glass in her hand. “So…what’s new? And you look fantastic, honey!”

“Hey, I look good too!” Noor scowls.

Axelle laughs and turns to Noor. “Oh my God! Did I just compliment the wrong sister? You’re Nooradine?”

“Jealousy is not a good color on you, Noor,” I sneer back, filling myself another drink.

“Please, you’re dieting,” she tells me. “She’s dieting, Axelle!” she says even louder and finishes her drink.

“I’m so not. I’m doing a cleanse and some yoga.”

“The one with Beesly,” Axelle says, serving Noor another glass. “I’ve heard of it. You have to do a lot of stretching with it.” She blows me a kiss. “Good for you, Luce, and shame on you, Noor.”

Nice try, Noor. My turn now. I pour myself another margarita. How many have I had so far? Three or four glasses? Do I even care? I feel warm and tickly. “Andrew is holding out on Noor…sexually.” Bam!

“You don’t say,” Axelle giggles. She finishes her drink and pours another. “What did you do to shift the balance of power?”

“I don’t want to have the suburban house and baby talk right now. It has only been a week.” She empties her drink. “Thanks, big mouth.”

Liar, liar, shorts on fire! “You told me five days,” I tell Noor. I turn to Axelle. “Anyway, did I tell you I was dancing again. Just for fun of course. Not like you or Noor.”

“Oh, I’m so happy!” Axelle gets up and hugs me. “So are you shagging anyone?”

So, I guess we’re back on me. I finish my drink. “Nope.”

“Why the bloody hell not? Isn’t that Marcus bloke still in town?” she asks. And another drink.

“She doesn’t know what she wants,” Noor interjects. Another drink there too. “Greg or Marcus.”

“Greg was in town? Don’t you dare break that young man’s heart…again!” She raises her glass to me and wiggling her finger.

“I never broke his heart!” I tell Axelle. “Greg is one of my closest friends. And I don’t have a lot of those.”

“Hey…you have us,” Noor says.

“My point exactly, Noor,” I say.

“That poor kid was so in love with you back at the dancing academy and he’s still in love you.” Axelle gives me the most loving look. “Who could blame him? My baby is breathtaking.”

“Aw, I love you too, Lelly.” I give her a kiss. “But I’m not going to sleep with Greg. Ever.”

“Right.” Axelle winks at me.

“Your loss. That man is ravishing,” Noor says.

I know he is, inside and out. Let’s change the subject. “Lelly, do you have a dress for the launch party?” I innocently ask.

“Yes I do. An original Renee G creation. She sent it to me earlier this week,” she proudly says. Of course anything for Mrs Anderson. “So… Are you bringing someone?”

Where did this come from? I look to Noor for cover, but she’s too sloshed to be of any help.

“Well are you?” Noor asks.

“Can I bring Beesly?”

“Are you going to be shagging her after? I thought she was married. And straight? And so are you. We were thinking about a man,” Lelly tells me, laughing.

“No! Gosh, Lelly… Marcus then,” I say and I can’t take it back.

“Are you going to be shagging him after?” Noor asks.

“It’s good PR for us. There will be no shagging! Please stop asking or saying it. Understood.” I’m losing my buzz. Another drink it is.

“Okay,” Noor chuckles.

“Right,” Axelle giggles.

“Somebody needs to take that stick out of her butt, or just–” Axelle says.

“Enough!” I clumsily get up. My buzz hasn’t gone after all. “I’m going home…in a taxi…I think.”

“I was just going to say–” Axelle continues.

“It has been months after all since–” Noor says at the same time.

“I got the picture, thanks. Bye.” I’m ready to leave.

“Please stay. We’re sorry,” Noor begs. “We just want you to get some because we care.”

“And you can’t leave yet. We haven’t played refugee African princesses yet,” Axelle begs.

I do like to play that bar game. Axelle is the best story teller. “One more drink and then we go home,” I say sitting back down.

“Okay,” Noor chuckles.

“Right,” Axelle giggles.

Our fourth pitcher arrives and Axelle fills our drinks.

“I don’t have to deal with that kind of shit when I drink with Beesly,” I say, sulking.

“She’s your soul sister. We’re blood and, Luce, it’s thinker than water and wine,” Noor literally burps out. She looks around. “We should get some wine!”

“We’re not going anywhere anytime soon are we?” I say, smiling at my crazy sisters. Let the game begin. We’ll worry about getting home later – much, much later…


“Do you want to get out of here?” I asked, straight in the eyes. I still can’t believe she said yes. After all that had happened between us in past the six months and all that had happened yesterday at the wedding, she still said yes. She generously gave herself to me without any reserve and I selfishly took what she was offering. And I want more, more of her, more of us.

I look at her sleeping next to me on her stomach in my bed. She’s facing me but I can’t see her face; her hair is covering it. I move it away to kiss her nose, her cheekbone, her neck. I move the sheet down so I can slowly kiss her naked back, each vertebra at a time. Her smell is just so intoxicating, vanilla and cocoa butter at the same time, strangely matching her light-brown complexion. The then exotic, charming, beautiful and very inviting Lucia has now become the beautifully, passionate, exotically intoxicating, charmingly stubborn, temptress Lucia.

I hear a small groan as I’m running my hands across her smooth back. She’s finally waking up. Good; I thought I might have to shake her this time.

“Hi, Marcus.” She’s just smiling, her eyes closed, her voice hoarse.

I keep kissing her lower back, almost reaching her butt when I’m stopped by a pair of knickers. “Now, how did those get here?” I ask her, laughing and trying to remove them.

She turns around, now fully awake, giving me an impressive view of her breasts, partially hidden under her long, straightened hair. My mouth goes dry. I bend down to kiss her stomach then lick her navel. She looks down, takes my head and brings it to her eye level.

“Marcus…” she whispers, staring at me, her eyes so full of love, our mouths so close to one another.

“Luce…” I respond. That’s the only thing I can say every time I hear my name in that sexy, pleading tone. Temptress Lucia kisses me, softly at first, teasing me with her tongue, then she just goes for it. It’s deep, it’s wet, it’s messy, it’s just earthshattering. I kiss her chin, her neck goes back to her mouth, take her breasts in my hands. I can hardly breathe or think but I just can’t stop myself. But I do while pushing her hair away from her breasts so I can enjoy them fully.

“Would you be a dear and take those off?” I ask her, pointing to her knickers.

“No rest for the wicked I see. Where do you find this energy?” she answers, smiling at me.

“I’m not sure,” I tease, still waiting for those damn knickers to be removed.

“I can barely move.” She pushes me away. “Are you trying to break a record?”

“It’s the last time I promise,” I tell her while kissing her neck. I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep this promise but she doesn’t have to know. “Now, please, the knickers.”

“Baby, I’m so tired. I need a good shower,” she yawns and stretches her body against mine.

“A shower would be nice,” I gloat. Forget it, I’ll remove them myself.

She takes my hand and kisses it before pushing it away. “Alone! I’m starving. How about I cook us some breakfast as well?” she adds, sitting up and retrieving a nightgown.

“Where did you get this?” I ask her.

“In my bag.” She points it out. “I went downstairs to pick up my things, which included my infamous knickers.”

“I see. It is mid-Sunday morning after all.” I look down at those damn panties. “So, are you going to do something about this?” I say.

“Patrick was here and left for Manchester about ninety minutes ago. He said, he’d call… Do you think he’s going to call me, Marcus? Men always say that but most never do,” she tells me.

“You’re too much, Luce! And he’d better not call you or–” I say, taking her in my arms.

“Or what, Marcus?” she asks softly.

 I caress her soft, sweet cheeks while she’s kissing my hands along the way. How can such simple gestures feel so intimate and so natural between us? It keeps amazing me.

“Or what, Marcus?” she asks again.

“Oh…I will deal with him,” I tell her. I reach out for her face, her lovely face. “Come here,” I say before kissing her again. “Luce?”

“What now?” she asks against my lips.

“I have to be in Paris next Wednesday…in ten days. I can’t promise you anything but I would really like–”

“I’ll stay with you.” She kisses the tip of my nose. She doesn’t add anything else but her eyes are doing all the talking, the yearning and the longing.

I can’t promise you anything, Luce, I keep repeating to myself, but I don’t want you to go away. “Thank you for staying.”

She removes her panties slowly, without breaking eye contact. She reaches for me, her arms and legs embracing me, placing me on top of her.

“Last time, right? Then you’ll let me rest,” she asks me. Her hands are caressing my back and the back of my head; her feet are caressing my butt.
“I really, really doubt it, love,” I groan, completely entering her without breaking eye contact and taking all her sweet, wonderful warmth inside of me.


I’m almost halfway down my Frappuccino when I see Greg coming out of the theatre. He’s late and he isn’t wearing his workout outfit but a loose pair of jeans and a dark, thin hoodie. By the time he reaches me across the street, he’s made at least ten heads turned, men and women alike.

“Hi, handsome specimen.” I hand him his drink.

“Hi, yourself,” Greg answers and sit down next time. “Sorry I took a shower after rehearsal.” He eagerly starts to drink his Frappuccino. “Delicious…just like you, beolkku.” He’s kissing my neck.

“You shouldn’t have. I’m just walking you home.” I get off the bench and stretch. Today is a perfect day for a walk downtown. “I almost forgot what happens each time I’m outside with you.”

 “What does happen?” Greg asks, putting his arm around my hips and lightly pushing me.

“Umm…let’s see,” I say, staring back, and another woman is smiling at him. “The entire city, straight and gay combined, are ogling you.”

“Oh…that,” he laughs. “I could say the same about you, Lulu.”

“So how are rehearsals going?” I ask. I’m taking his hand while walking west on King Street. His condo is just off Tecumseth Street.

“Well, it does help that we’re in our fourth month. But our stage here is smaller so I had to make a few adjustments,” he says, finishing his drink. Greg was already famous worldwide for his choreographies and own performances. But with a show of this magnitude, he raised his own stake.

“I’m so proud of you, Greg,” I tell him.

“I’m proud of you too. Getting out there on your own wasn’t an easy decision but you made it and I’m sure only good thing will come out of it,” he says before we cross the street. The happy hour crowd is not out just yet but the King West restaurants are getting ready.

“It’s not a hundred dancers and three-hour shows but we’re getting there…or not,” I joke.

“You got my sister’s vote. She and Michael really hit it off last week. I think they’re going on their fifth date tonight.” he says. He turns and looks at me. “Should this bother me?”

“You liked him, remember; you sent me there,” I tease. I have no idea what brothers should feel. I only have my sisters and we tend to encourage the naked policy.

“Yes, but not her!”

“He’s a good guy, Greg. I’m sure he likes her at least as much as she so obviously likes him,” I giggle. Kathie in love is always adorable. I wish her the best. “Axelle’s pregnant; she told us yesterday. So next summer I’m going to be an aunt for the third time,” I tell him with a big smile. We’re turning south on Tecumseth Street and the walk is almost over. I’ll take the streetcar back to the subway station.

“Congratulation! That’s great news! Which reminds me…” He takes an envelope out of his hoodie pocket. “I have your tickets for the premiere.”

“We could have paid for them, you know,” I tell him and check the tickets; six to be exact. Annie will be able to come with us as well. “Those are great seats. Thank you, Greg.” I kiss him on the cheek.

“You will pay; I expect you there at least once a week,” he says, touching his cheek.

“Your show is here until late January!” I’m completely shocked. I’ll be there, front row.

“You’ll be there…” he says. We’re getting to his building.

“Singing and dancing my ass off!” I say in his lobby. I haven’t been here this year yet. Have I been so out of it this year? “It was a great walk. I’ve missed doing that with you,” I tell him and I sincerely do.

“I just plain missed you, my yeppeun17 Lulu.” He’s caressing my cheek and making me blush.

Making me blush? “Please! You’re the handsome, perfect specimen,” I tell him. [17. Beautiful]

“That sounds like I’m irresistible,” he says softly and it’s making me feel warm inside.

Making me feel warm inside? “Duh…since the academy, no woman has ever been able to resist you,” I say.

“There has been at least one woman immune all this time,” he murmurs before kissing me. I know this type of kiss; I gave one for the first time on Noor’s wedding day. But this is the first time that anyone’s given one to me.

“Greg…” I manage to mumble when he finally releases my lips. I didn’t ask you to stop!

“Not that immune after all, Lulu,” he says against my mouth.
 No one could be immune after a kiss like that given by a man who looks like Greg. When he starts kissing me again, I kiss him back. I’m not leading him on; I really want to explore this. I’m not leading him on…

I was given this book for tour review. Love the closeness of the sisters. All the talents mixing and matching up and complimenting each other. Also like the way Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba interspaces the conversations with the other languages then gives the meaning in a footnote.  Marcus “just gets lost sometimes” and Greg is the best-friend while Lucia has too many nicknames to count. Really engaging story with twists and fun times thrown in. Thanks for great read.

Meet Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba

The Author, The Blogger, The Cheeky Reviewer

My life journey is like my playlist, amazingly unique but full of contradictions with surprising joys with every song...”

I was born in Quebec City, Canada from Gabonese parents but grew up in Paris and Libreville the Gabonese capital until the age of 18. Are you yawning yet? I am...

I moved back to Canada in 1999 after high school in Libreville to study Cinematography and Digital movie production in Laval University in Quebec then The International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto. After graduating in 2003, I decided to sell my soul to the corporate world and worked in the Benefit Outsourcing Industry for seven in Toronto before reconnecting with her first passion writing.

"A teacher told me in high school that people didn't read anymore so I decided that I would make movies that didn't stick…"

I finally went back to school to study creative writing at Georges Brown College in 2010 and 2011. I started to write The Coulda Woulda Shoulda Song Series as an assignment and finished Book One in late 2011 before moving to London.

And the rest as they say is history... Almost two years later, I'm in London and wrote three novels: This Could Have Been Our Song! A coulda woulda shoulda ballad... (Book one) currently available on amazon and soon in iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords. The sequel This Would Have Been Our Song! Catchy tune and dancers tales will be release in January 2014. Bird Of Prey, my first mystery novel will be release in October 7th, 2013 on paperback before its wide release in November 25th, 2013. It will be followed by The Plot Thickens (a novella) in January 2014 and Polliannah Got Married! in April 2014 or earlier.

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