Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hook Me Up

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TITLE – HOOK ME UP AUTHOR – Adele Downs GENRE – Contemporary Romance (Firefighter) PUBLICATION DATE – December 1, 2015 PRICE– .99 for a Limited Time! LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 25,000 PUBLISHER – Bent Oak Press COVER ARTIST – Crystal Posey


Hook Me Up - Cover
Firemen don't free cats from trees anymore—until a pretty schoolteacher gets trapped on a limb with her kitten and the county's hottest firefighter comes to their rescue.
(First published in the anthology INTO THE FLAMES. Box set available wherever e-books are sold.)


Lexi’s voice had gone hoarse, but she tried again to call for help, emitting faint sounds from her dry throat. Ginger mewled. 
To her amazement, a husky voice answered. “Try not to move. I’ll be right up.” 
She followed the sound to the bottom of the tree and figured the blood rushing from her feet to her brain had turned her mind to oatmeal. She’d either grown delusional, or died from her injuries, because the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen had moved into her line of sight and stood at the base of her apple tree. 
She squeezed her eyes closed, and then opened them again. The man was still there. He had corn-colored hair and looked up at her with the eyes of an angel. The soot on his cheeks and chin couldn’t camouflage the stunning face beneath. 
A firefighter dressed in full regalia had come to her rescue. 
She watched, filled with relief and hope, as he hoisted a circle of rope over his shoulder and gripped a long-handled hook with an axe on the opposite side. In one smooth motion, he began to climb. She’d never been so glad to see another human being. 
That’s when Lexi remembered her naked breasts and the purple lace thong she barely wore.


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Adele Downs is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than 20 romance titles, including those written under another pen name, and a former journalist with hundreds of articles to her credit. When not writing in her home office in rural Pennsylvania, she can be found reading a book on the nearest beach, taking photographs, or riding in her convertible. Visit Adele Downs at
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