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A Taste of Desire

A Taste of Desire by Liliana Rhodes
Publication Date: December 16, 2015
A Taste of Desire by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Liliana Rhodes features billionaires, bad boys, and alpha heroes in one limited time only, four book boxed set.
This collection includes essays from the author citing her inspiration and personal details for each book. It includes the first books for each of Liliana Rhodes’ four series. ?

His Every Whim (Book 1 of the His Every Whim series) "I couldn't let her disappear from my life like that. I wanted more of her." Jobless and sleeping on her friend's couch, curvy Ashley Monroe takes a waitressing job at the prestigious Boone Art Gallery. While there, she's told one thing--stay away from the mysterious and brooding man sitting by himself. Easier said than done for Ashley who finds herself inexplicably drawn to the gorgeous stranger. After spending the evening doing things she normally wouldn't--like letting herself be seduced by this enigmatic man she only knows as Xander--she unknowingly opens her world up to the lavish lifestyle of beautiful mansions, fast cars, and expensive clothes. Because when billionaire Xander Boone sees something he wants, he gets it. ?—

Charming the Alpha (Book 1 of The Crane Curse series) Confused about what to do with her life, Hannah Crane visits her grandmother for advice, but is startled by the low growl of a wolf in the woods. Caleb Overstreet isn’t just a wolf, he’s one of the shifter leaders in Leeds Point and warns Hannah to stay away. Unable to keep her distance, Hannah finds herself in danger. A rival pack believes she is at the center of a curse that would enable them to control other shifters. But is Hannah the wolf charmer they believe her to be? Or is the love she feels for Caleb real?

Soldier (Book 1 of the Made Man series) Protecting her was like breathing, I didn't have a choice. Gia My entire life I've always done what others wanted. Until I met him. Dante is mysterious, rough, and makes me think things a good girl like me shouldn't. Loving him could cost me my family, leaving him would cost me my life. He's a killer, a mafia hit man, and my protector. Dante Gia awakened emotions in me I didn't know I was capable of having. Protecting her was like breathing, I didn't have a choice. But the one act that will finally make her safe, is what will push her away. I must kill her brother.

Playing Games (Book 1 of the Canyon Cove series) I wanted to be a gentleman, but I couldn’t control myself when she was near. Cassie Monroe is hoping for a better life in Canyon Cove. When she’s offered her dream job, she accepts, but things get complicated after spying on her sexy new boss, billionaire Gabriel Kohl in the shower. Unable to forget his kiss, Cassie follows her heart. But Gabriel’s reputation combined with his late night visits and quick exits leave her suspicious. Is he just playing games or is Gabriel ready to share his secrets and his life with her?


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Liliana Rhodes is a New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. Blessed with an overactive imagination, she is always writing and plotting her next stories. She enjoys movies, reading, photography, and listening to music. After growing up on the east coast, Liliana now lives in California with her husband, son, two dogs who are treated better than some people, and two parrots who plan to take over the world.

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