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Shealy James Sale Blitx

Whole Life Sales Blitz
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Book Title: Whole Life Re-Do (Whole Life Series Book 1)
Author: Shealy James
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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WLMO cover Kindle1
Book Title: Whole Life Makeover (Whole Life Series Book 2)
Author: Shealy James
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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**The Whole Like Series is written in chronological order, and the characters appear in more than one novel, but all the books in the Whole Life Series are standalone novels.

WLRD Cover 
Whole Life Re-Do After a disastrous first marriage, Eve Bryant is attempting to make a drastic change by moving across the country for a new job and a new life. She swears she isn't looking for a new man, but when she meets a persistent Grant Mitchell, Eve throws her rules right out the window. Unfortunately, Grant and Eve's new relationship may not withstand interference from a woman scorned and a troubled ex-husband. Grant will fight to keep Eve in his life, but after what she’s been through, Eve isn't sure she hasn't any fight left to give. Does this mean the end for a couple who seemed to find everything they ever needed in each other?

WLMO cover Kindle1
Whole Life Makeover Because being pretty isn’t enough… Katherine “Kitty” Peters is done doing what Daddy says. She wants freedom, and she wants it now. When her father gives her a month to take the life he offers or find her own way, she takes full advantage and makes over her whole life. It doesn’t take long for her heart to take over, making Katherine more vulnerable than ever before. Unfortunate circumstances force her to realize that escaping her father’s reign is harder than she imagined, especially when the tattooed maverick she fell in love with needs her help. Katherine is manipulated into making a deal with the devil and forced to return to her old life only to discover her one-month makeover may have changed her more than she realized.

WLMO cover Kindle1
Whole Life Makeover
I sat on a stool sipping champagne while I watched him lift a keg and tap it behind the bar. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t the only one watching the show either. Girls down the entire bar sat up and took notice when Maverick’s tattooed arms lifted the keg to place it in its spot. The ease at which he lifted the full keg was impressive enough, but the way his fitted t-shirt showed off his lean muscles and lifted slightly when his arms were raised—that little strip of skin had the attention of several ladies. The woman next to me crooned, “Dayuhm,” as soon as she saw his happy trail. She received a hateful glare from me, which she either ignored or didn’t notice. I wanted to smile haughtily when he came over and pressed his lips to mine once he was finished, but I was too busy enjoying his lips on mine. Take that, ladies. This man is with me, I wanted to say, but that seemed a little catty considering I had already won. The new me wasn’t going to be catty, though. Pulling out the claws had never felt right anyway.
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Meet the Author
Shealy James is the author of the Finding Series (new adult romance) and Whole Life Series (contemporary romance). As an avid reader turned writer, she believes in combining comedy and emotional turmoil to reach the all important happy ever after.
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