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Seeing Red and Stone Beast

Seeing Red and Stone Beast Book Blitz
Book Blitz
Book Title: Seeing Red
Author: Bonnie Bliss
Genre: Erotica (Short Story)
Release Date: March 2015
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Book Title: Stone Beast
Author: Bonnie Bliss writing as L. Kirk
Genre: Erotica (Short Story)
Release Date: March 2015
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Book Blurb
SeeingRed_CoverFull-figured, boring banker Georgie Daniels has been lusting after Club Haven’s most mysterious Master—Master M. When she dresses to impress one night, hoping this will be the day he notices her—he is a no show. Leaving the club disappointed, she is kidnapped and driven to an undisclosed location to experience all her wildest dreams.
Genre: Erotica
Warning: This is an erotica on-the-go short story. It contains adult content that may be unsuitable for some readers.
Word Count: Approx: 6000

StoneBeast_CoverCurvy Bethany comes home early for lunch only to find her boyfriend in bed with not one, but two women. Disappointed and wondering what could’ve gone so totally wrong, she discovers comfort in the arms of the least likely of places. The big, stone beast that resides in front of the library she works at. What is a girl to do when the stone gargoyle becomes a man that wants her for his very own?
Genre: Erotica
Warning: This is an erotica on-the-go short story. It contains adult content that may be unsuitable for some readers.
Word Count: Approx: 6000
SeeingRed_Cover"Soft, just how I like my women. Full-bodied, hot, and trembling, just for me."
"What, what do you want from me?"
Oh God, how do I get out of this? I am going to die. Dead on the side of the road, raped and cut into little pieces.
In a last ditch effort, she used her large frame to her advantage and shoved back against him. It felt like he knew she would do that. His large, strong body thrust against her, pinning her. Warm lips grazed her ear. His gruff whisper filled her with dread and a flicker of arousal.
God, I am one sick woman.
"You try that again and I will punish you. You have already earned one. It will be painful, you may even beg me to stop." His hot breath caressed her ear, one hand dropped to grip her flared waist. “Or, for more.” She felt his wicked chuckle all the way down to her toes. Her tears were stinging her cold skin. Shaking her head, she hoped he would get to the point and just let her go. She didn’t want to play.
He nipped at her earlobe and shudders racked her body.
"You will get in the car. I will direct you where to go. You will not look back, and you will not speak. You are mine now. Mine, to do with as I wish. You so much as open that hot mouth of yours—well, you’ll feel my brand of punishment. Trust me, my brand is different than others."
He pressed his covered erection against her ass and she yelped.
"Responsive. Do you understand me?"
She nodded.
"Good. Now get in the car, Red."

StoneBeast_CoverA very deep snarl and demand came from above her.
Bethany looked up slowly. Her gaze caught him at the knees and then worked its way right up to his groin. Oh, he was hard. And big. She licked her lips. Her fingers toyed with the shattered rock that was around her. She’d come out to get something out of the car when she noticed her beast gone. It’d been too much. She’d shattered right there on the ground. Her one comfort in all this bullshit, the one constant since she was in high school. She used to breeze by him when she came to study and told him hello—just gone.
Her gaze travelled higher to his huge expanse of chest. The man’s muscles rippled through that tight white cotton.
Then his face. It was like he was created from stone. All his features were strong and defined. She shifted and tried to curl up tight, hiding her overabundance of curves from him.
“Don’t do that!” he barked.
Bethany sucked in a breath and scooted back. He came closer. He towered over her. She jerked her gaze up and caught his bright blue eyes. They were nearly glowing and just—damn. Hot holy damn. His blonde hair was untamed and looked wind-blown. He came to his knees in front of her and reached a hand out. She was frozen and couldn’t move when he brushed a tear away, then tucked some of her messy curls behind an ear.
“Why are you crying, little one?”
Little one?
She scoffed and shifted from him. Now he was teasing her. She didn’t like this hot dude anymore.
“Nothing. You can go away now.”
Her eyes went wide and she looked back towards him. “What did you just say?”
“You’re crying. You’re sad and I’m going to make it fucking better. Was it that cunt boyfriend of yours?”
“Patrick? How—” She waved her hands in front of her. “You know what, nevermind. I don’t know you, dude. And you are just here to mock me so I’m gonna get back to work.”
She got up to leave but just as she turned away from him, something very powerful wrapped around her waist and swung her around. Bethany was slammed against a freaking wall. Her palms slapped against his chest and his hot breath spilled over her face. Bethany sucked in a breath and he smelled like the exquisite dampness of night. Wait? She darted her gaze up to his and tried to remember her stone hero. Her eyes squinted and he smirked down at her.
Oh, my.
Her stomach bottomed out and she was creaming in her panties. He took a deep breath and growled. Oh, lordy. He was growling at her and he leaned in close his hot, full lips brushed over hers. “You smell like you want to fuck, little one. Be careful. I want to fuck you very badly.”

Meet the Author
Bonnie Bliss is the brain child of two authors. Bonnie is a husband and wife duo who have come together to weave stories of passion, action, betrayal, and ultimate surrender. They have discovered that mixing genres is their thing. Their tastes go dark, and they love to twist up sweet stories and make them a bit more tense and sexy. Bonnie writes in multiple genres with plans to dabble into more areas of fiction.
One is a Southern California native, the other was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. The husband spends his time giving the wife alpha males with bite. He is a man that needs to see his world in print. He has a panty melting accent, loves listening to music, watching Game of Thrones, and obsessing over Heisenberg. The wife spends her time writing strong women that evolve into their power, they don’t just come out guns blazing. She claims the song California Girls, by Katy Perry is totally accurate. She’s done everything from waitressing, customer service phone rep., Corporate Real Estate, and spent a pretty impressive part of her life working for the Disney Corporation—before finding her way into the publishing world with her husband.

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