Friday, April 22, 2016

Your Heart is Mine Release

Title: Your Heart Is Mine
Author: Nicole Thorn
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Their hearts are lost.
Will Isaiah find the Ripper before the Ripper finds the one woman who makes him feel again, Rocelyn?
Find out in this dark and thrilling Romantic Suspense!

Isaiah Barker is a deputy in a small town in Southern California. For the past few months, the town has been plagued by a serial killer. Another serial killer. The Ripper, as the locals call him. Isaiah is far less sloppy than this new killer in town. The new killer makes a habit of killing young women and harvesting their organs before leaving the bodies on display for the townspeople to find.
The case was going slow until Rocelyn Blum moved to town. Isaiah takes a liking to her instantly, and it forces him into a situation where his only option is to set up his latest kill to make it look like The Ripper did it. The killer doesn’t take too kindly to being blamed for someone else’s work, so he decides to take it out on Rocelyn. Isaiah has to find The Ripper before his game ends and he takes away the only person in Isaiah’s life that can make him feel human.
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I walked her up to the door, waiting for her to open it. “I’m going to do another sweep, then I’ll head out to the car.”
Lynnie stepped into the house, looking back at me. “Oh. Okay.”
“What?” She looked upset.
She shrugged, “I don’t know. I kinda thought you’d be in the house.”
Don’t tempt me. “I should keep an eye on the outside. Make sure no one gets in.”
We kept walking and she followed me while I checked the rooms. “Well,” she said, avoiding my eyes, “my parents are almost never here, so really, you’re just watching me.”
I smiled and pushed a door open. “And?”
“And…” She bit her lip and leaned against a wall. “…you kinda need to be watching me. You can do that a lot better if we’re in the same room.”
Oh, what are you doing, love?
The lamb had no idea that she was tempting the wolf. Parading in front of me, begging me to take a bite. I still wasn’t sure I could stop myself. It was like she was inviting me to take her. Sure, I can keep a better eye on you if I were in the house. I could also keep a good eye on you if I were over you and your legs were around my waist. I would know you were safe the entire time your nails were scraping down my back.
She looked so coy as she watched me for an answer. Her bottom lip was hidden and she looked equal parts shy and mischievous. Then she tried to kill me. “We can watch TV in my bedroom.”
If I believed in God, I would think he wanted to punish me for all the wrong I’ve done. She was literally inviting me into her bedroom. She couldn’t be more tempting right now if she stripped and got on her knees. How… how was I supposed to say no?

Nicole Thorn is a writer in her twenties who spends her days discussing fictional characters with her writer friend, and having very serious opinions about which house she would want to be sorted into at Hogwarts. Spending most of her life in sunny California and now trapped in sunny Arizona, she likes to write about rainy towns that are infested with the things that go bump in the night.

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