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Silent Guilt Blitz

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Title: Silent Guilt (Silent, #2)
Author: N.E. Henderson
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
When Shannon Taylor entered his world, Nicholas Lockhart found everything he always wanted, but knew he could never have.

Neither of them knew how connected their pasts were nor the secrets that lay waiting to tear them apart. Shannon and Nick fell hard and fast for one another.

Nick struggles with his own demons and guilt that he’s been carrying around for the past ten years. When he learns what happened to Shannon all those years ago and knowing the part he played in it, he feels responsible. Can he let it go and forgive himself?

Or, will his silent guilt consume him and make him lose the two things that have become his his life, his world, his love...his everything?  

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Silent No More (Silent, #1)
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I was given this book by author for honest review. Shannon walks in on a betrayal unimagined, she decides to recover in a hotel owned by Nicholas. He has been waiting for her to fall into his arms and when she does he’s not letting go until he learns something about her past that he can’t adjust to. Anxiously waiting on books 2 and 3. Very good story that I defiantly want to follow through to conclusion.
Silent Guilt (Silent, #2)
I was given book for honest review. Shannon and Nicholas are trying to cope with the aftermath of the past coming back to haunt in the present. The silence and guilt eat at Nicholas leaving him with the decision to tell Shannon or walk away. He can’t walk away for long. This series calls up so many emotions it hard cataloging them all. Loved the big reveal that Shannon tells Nicholas at the end.
About the Author
N.E. Henderson
Nancy as most know her as, lives in Mississippi with her husband and their son. She is a city girl, married to a country boy, but this city girl knows how to get dirty…or rather muddy. When Nancy isn’t working her day job at a local hospital, reading her end counts of 1 clicking additions via her kindle, or writing, she and her hubby and their kid love riding four wheelers and side by sides and finding new trails. She has a love for roller coasters too, the steel one, not wooden. So being as she was amusment park deprived as a child, she loves them.

Nancy’s had the desire to write since Kindergarten, but it wasn’t until the age of 29 that she finally started making her dream a reality. It also could have been the fact the characters wouldn’t get out of her head and would not allow her to sleep that she might have been forced to tell their story. Nearly two years later, Silent No More was completed and published.

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