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Finding Sunshine Reveal

FS Cover
Title: Finding Sunshine (A Pinetree Novel, #1)
Author: Rene Webb
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 14, 2015

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Ex-con, Aaron Masters, is searching for redemption.
Young aspiring photographer, Nina King, is searching for a place to belong. It’s time for the Valentine’s Day Date Auction at the exclusive Boston nightclub St. Andrews, and Aaron would rather be anywhere else. That all changes when he catches a glimpse of Nina, the woman he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since their recent chance encounter. When they met her smile—for a precious moment—warmed the darkness inside. Now he’ll stop at nothing to make her his woman, keep her, and protect her from the truth of his rough past. Nina hasn’t been able to get a certain handsome man, with long hair and gorgeous blue eyes, out of her thoughts—or her dreams. The goddess is smiling down on her when she sees him again at a charity date auction. As her professional internship has recently ended, she’s now out of work and trying to find herself while struggling to build a viable career. Aaron and Nina’s relationship soon heats up, but not everyone in their lives are excited about this new development. Under the guise of friendship, some attempt to destroy what the two have built together. Can these two lost souls find a future together? Note: this story takes place 3 years before A White Hot Christmas: Novella

Holding hands, I’m barely aware of anything aside from Aaron’s fingers entwined with mine as we walk out of the building. “Golly, he’s adorable!” I exclaim when I catch sight of a beautiful chocolate Lab happily looking out of the window at us as we approach Aaron’s truck. Russell is even cuter in person that he was in the tiny picture I saw last week. He’s standing on the passenger’s seat with his tongue hanging out to one side, his warm breath visibly hitting the cold air, and his golden eyes alight with what can only be described as happiness. “I wish I had my camera.” If only I could capture the obvious love for life he’s exuding. “Let me turn on the truck and roll down the window so you can say hello,” Aaron says, letting go of my hand and moving around the hood to the driver’s side. Russell and I stare at each other in excited interest, his more visible than mine. He whines pitifully, as his entire body quivers and he beats his tail back and forth. As soon as Aaron begins rolling down the window, Russell’s nose is poking out through as much of it as possible until it’s down far enough for him to reach me. “Hello there,” I say, reaching out one hand to try and pat him as his head moves around wildly in an attempt to lick me instead. “Are you a good boy?” I coo, scratching the soft downy fur behind his ears. “Sometimes,” Aaron quips, now standing next to me. Again, I wordlessly hand him my mocha, freeing up both hands so I can take hold of Russell's head and give him several kisses on his forehead. “I don’t believe your Daddy. I bet you’re the sweetest boy ever. Aren’t you?” He begins licking my chin gently as he attempts to climb out of the truck and into my arms. “Stay inside, baby,” I laugh, trying to push him back through the window and into the truck. “Enough. Russell, sit,” Aaron says sternly. Russell’s eyes move to look at him, but he continues to thump his tail, kiss me, and attempt to climb into my arms. “I said, sit!” Aaron growls sternly, moving closer to the open window. Russell sits down looking petulant, but sticks his head as far out of the window as possible to continue his greeting. “Yes, I love you, too,” I say, scratching Russell behind his ears and giving him several more kisses. “You need to get your own woman, buddy. Nina’s mine,” Aaron says, placing my mocha on the hood of the truck before pulling me away and turning me to face him. Nina’s mine. Golly, I like the sound of that! I giggle and reach up to tuck his hair behind his ears. “Don’t be jealous, Aaron. I’ll scratch you behind your ears, too.” Aaron leans down and silences me with a deep, possessive kiss. There is a faint tingle of toothpaste, tang of orange juice, and the bite of coffee, all mixed with what I'm beginning to associate with as Aaron’s taste. Delicious! “Not in front of the baby,” I laugh, pushing him back from where he now has me pinned against the truck. “Russell, close your eyes,” he commands, before the arms that are wrapped around my waist are pulling me back in. As Aaron kisses me again, my arms wind their way around his neck and I move in closer, pressing myself into his hard body. His firm hands travel down to roughly cup my backside, causing me to moan with pleasure. Encouraged, he lifts me slightly so we are touching intimately, and I can feel his excitement growing harder against me. We both groan at the contact. Dropping me gently back onto my feet, he pulls away. We are mutually panting and gasping for breath. “I really gotta go,” Aaron whispers, clearly annoyed. “Right, that thing called work.” “Yeah,” he says, removing his hands from my behind and running them up and down my back, making no move to pull away completely. Standing in his arms, shielded from the cold, I feel safe, cared for, and desired. Moving my hands down his chest, I wish I could feel Aaron’s warm skin and his muscles reacting to my touch. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull myself in closer. Looking up into his face, I’m mesmerized by his long, dark eyelashes and cobalt eyes. I could stay like this forever. Resting his forehead against mine, we stand still, breathing each other in. Neither one of us really want to move. “I’d much rather take you inside and continue kissing you. I need to kiss all of you—every inch,” Aaron whispers, his words heated with meaning. “There—there are so many things I want us to do together.” His words send a thrill of excitement through my body, heating me with anticipation. “Later?” I ask, my voice rough and hopeful. Text Copyright © 2015 Rene Webb, All Rights Reserved

About The Author
Rene Webb, a former Catholic schoolgirl and child of the '80's, is a recovering Soap Opera addict who grew up watching General Hospital. She became weary with the relentless drama and sought out stories with happy endings that lasted. Now, Rene is an erotic romance author, where there is always a happily-ever-after! Growing up in New England, Rene spent her childhood playing make-believe, acting out stories with her Barbies, Legos, My Little Ponies, and Playmobile. She has since taken to writing down the dramas that invade her mind. Authors such as Jane Austen, Kristen Ashley, Cherise Sinclair, Sierra Cartwright, Donna Fletcher, Jennifer Ashley and Bianca Giovanni have inspired her. They all create strong female characters, swoon-worthy men, and stories that leave their readers with the hope, that you, too, will find your own H.E.A.! Rene also enjoys reading, baking, seeing movies, going to museums, and spending time with her friends and family. Rene lives in Washington DC. She is also known as Kitty Bennet, on the book blog, Lit. 4 Ladies, which she runs with her sister.
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