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Sweet Affection

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You can choose your friends…
When Laurel Matthews had a one night stand with self-confessed ladies’ man James Dawson, little did she know that in him she’d find the type of relationship she thought only existed in fairy-tales. They’ve gone through a dark tunnel filled with exes, drama and heartbreak, and are now firmly basking in the light at the other end. Having to navigate the world of a committed relationship, something neither of them are used to, provides it’s challenges though. Especially when both their careers seem to be reaching heights they only dreamt of. But James and Laurel have the love and support of their friends and family, and love can conquer all, right? …But you can’t choose your family. Tyler Reid is a drifter. Drifting carelessly through bars, women, and life in general ever since he was fifteen. If there’s anything life’s taught him, it’s the only person he can rely on is himself. So when he gets the call from his mother, summoning him to a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere, his first reaction is to blow straight through on his Ducati, leaving as much destruction in his wake as possible. That is, until he meets the blonde haired angel who seems like she wants to make it her mission to save him. Determined he can’t be saved, he pushes back, his mind set firmly on keeping his distance. But fate has other ideas, and he quickly becomes entangled in a close-knit group of friends who will ultimately see everything he’s tried the past ten years to hide. James and Laurel’s story started in Sweet Reflection (to be read first) and as their love continues to grow so does their circle of friends and family. But how will they react when everything they’ve built together comes crashing down around them? One thing’s for sure. Their lives won’t ever be the same.

The door opens and I don’t bother looking at who it is whilst I’m busy touching up my make-up. Then the lock clicks and I swing round to see why whoever’s here has locked it. Other diners may need to use it.
“What are you doing in here?”
James is leaning back with his arms folded over his chest, and his knee bent, shoe flat on the wall behind him.
“You’re here.” He shrugs, like it’s the most obvious answer in the world. My heart beat speeds up as he walks towards me slowly. I lean my hip against the sink and watch the way his shirt moves over his muscles. Every inch of him is toned and strong. And those arms? I need them wrapped around me.
When he gets within touching distance, his hand covers my stomach and he gently pushes me back against the wall. My breathing stutters; it always does when he’s so close. The smell of him and his aftershave wraps round me, making me feel light-headed.
“For the past year and a half, it’s been you.” He drops his head down to the crook of my neck and ghosts tender kisses across my skin, the type that send shivers all over my body, then shoot straight down to my core. “Doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with, you’re all I ever think about.” I bite my lip to prevent the moan falling out, but when his hands move up the side of my body and graze against my breasts, I whimper quietly. His fingers tighten their grip on me and he pulls me closer to him.
“You have such sweet skin.” He murmurs against my neck, then sucks it into his mouth. Marking me no doubt, the ass. But those words don’t come out as he continues to trail hot kisses down my chest, lingering on the swell of my breasts. I thread my fingers through his hair, playing with the strands, and tilt my head back against the wall, enjoying the way his stubble is tickling me.
His hands travel up the back of my thighs, going underneath my dress, and my pussy throbs the closer he gets to it. He squeezes my ass before moving his hands round to the front and pulling my thong to the side. He looks down at his hands and swipes one long finger straight through my centre.
“Fuck, you’re soaked.” He says on a whisper.
I draw in a sharp, shuddering breath, hands clinging to his arms in case my legs decide to give out.
“Let’s go. I need to feel you inside me.” I whisper back and his eyes flash with lust, with need, but more than that, love.
“By the time I’m through with you tonight, you’ll have no doubt.” He scrapes his teeth over my earlobe then sucks gently on it. “No doubt that you’re everything.”

Meet the Author
When Grace isn’t working her day job, she is huddled in the corner writing or reading romance novels. Having always loved reading, it was only after changing jobs and having to put up with a long commute that it took over as an obsession. Now there isn’t a day goes by that she lets her laptop out of sight. She lives in the UK with her husband and two cats, and has a BA in Business Management. She is a compulsive tea drinker and a sucker for a ‘happily ever after.’  

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I was given book for honest review. Laurel and James continue getting to know each other and the family’s. A very good series with lots of hotness and some characters that just might surprise you. I still stand by my words in Sweet Reflection it’s not all sweet Grace Henderson knows how to mix the sour in as well.
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